How to manage gossips targeted at you!

Gossip! It simple means a casual talk about other people but it is one of the major things I has broken tight friendships, made people part ways for good and worse of all it can tarnish someone's clean image. Gossip spreads like wild fire and funny enough it can't be tamed because you don't know who has heard it and who hasn't. Personally, I don't let gossip I hear about myself get to me and I always try to run away when I hear a gossip rising! I don't really like having anything to do with gossip about anybody so I prefer to avoid it. So, I am going to show you six ways to manage gossip. 1. Ignore the gossip: pretend you didn't hear it and don't really let it get to you because it might bring you down. Once, I heard a funny gossip about me. The person spreading it had told people that I was trying to cause a breakup between a guy and his fiancee by trying to be so close to him and telling him reasons why he shouldn't remain with his fiancee. I heard the gossip and laughed out so loud I almost hurt my rib. I just simply ignored it because I knew the allegations were false. Ignoring something you heard about yourself doesn't really hurt you know. 2. Pay no attention to people creating the gossip: this helps a lot because the person spreading the gossip may want to do it to see your reaction or just to actually make you feel bad. Ignoring them may just show them that you don't care about everything they say and they will likely reduce the gossip they spread about you. Trust me, this technique has yielded good fruits for me. 3. Don't reply the gossip, except when necessary: ignoring the gossip and the people spreading it is one thing; saying nothing about it is another thing. When a gossip about trying to seperate a guy and his fiancee reached my eyes; I did not just ignore it and the people behind it, I also chose to say nothing concerning it. If I had tried to raise an arguement and trying to clear myself, I may just be giving them room to say more. But when I didn't say anything, they waited for my response for a while and finally gave up after seeing nothing else to fuel the gossip. 4. Accept that no one is above gossip and everyone must be talked about: even Christ was always talked about so what's the big deal if people say one or two things about you. Personally, I don't feel bad when I hear a gossip about me. I actually smile that someone still remembers that I am human. You know if no one talks about you then there is a problem. 5. Don't take offense at the gossip, if you are really offended go back to number one tip: its feels pretty bad to hear a gossip about you, especially the ones that puts a question mark on your personality. But what good will it do if you decide to pour out your anger to the person you feel started it. Well, its pointless because it has been let out and can't be retrieved so just relax and allow it to become old news. 6: if you can, just try to stay away when you hear people engaging in a gossip: staying away from gossiping about others may not really reduce the gossip people will make about you but it will be known that you are not a fan of gossip. 7. Learn from it: when you hear a gossip about you check well, there may something that looks like the truth or something you can even learn. Don't just see it as a negative talk targeted at you to hurt you; but take it as something thrown at you to show you some mistakes or try to correct you. So next time there is a gossip flying in your name; just breathe, relax and try some or all of the above tips on how to manage it.


  1. Woah... I must say I learnt something here!

  2. Woah... I must say I learnt something here!


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