Would you still love them?

I overheard him asking her "If you knew my flaws, knew I won't be strong, knew I don't have anything, would you still stick around?" That sounded like the lyrics of a song I've heard (can't remember which) but here someone was asking his date. All of a sudden the restaurant became quiet as if waiting to hear her reply. She paused for some minutes probably to create suspense before saying "sure, why not". I smiled and wished I could just hug her for that reply. They talked, laughed and talked again before leaving. The guy had just found himself a responsible lady and is not ready to let her go so he asked her for a relationship. I just imagined if she had said "no" to his questions what would have happened? They would have ate their food in silence and leave in silence too (just guessing)! So now I begin to wonder what should make you stay and not quit and run. I have seen girls who disappear when they realize that their partner is no longer buoyant enough! Others leave because they can't tolerate a little attitude displayed (like my friend who left because he snores while sleeping! The other left because of his bad breathe! It could be anything). Why not see the good and let that be a reason to hold you back instead of the bad that will chase you away? When I was in Asaba during one of the holidays; I met Samuel (not real name) who happened to be a nice and friendly dude. We loved walking round town and tried to enjoy everything we see! He made my stay a pleasant one because he was always there. While it was time for me to go back he pleaded with me not to go. The day I was supposed to leave; he was there begging me to stay a little longer. I decided to wait till the next day but he was back with the same request! This continued till the week ran out and I had to explain why I had to leave. He allowed me but not after telling me his mind! He actually said he hasn't met anyone who appreciates him the way he is like I do! Not even his Mum! People around see him as a bad guy and no one wants to know about his good side not to mention been friends with him. He added that he has a confession to make and my ears straightened out! He said he is a drug addict and loves alcohol. I just smiled and he asked why, I simply told him I knew that since I met him. Surprised he asked why I did not run away like everyone including his girlfriend. I told him because he is a good person and I have seen the good which others failed to see. He said no one has ever shown care about him and I told him I will change that! I left and we kept in touch. He always called and after a while I suggested dropping the habit and how to go about it. He accepted the advice and now he is free from all that. Now the question is; would you still love them the same? If there is something you don't like about them; tell them and offer advice on how they can change it and not running away leaving them wondering what is chasing you! Remember, They need someone who will always be by their side, not someone trying to play them.


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