Independence day

October 1st reminds me of a lot of things!
So Nigeria is 55 today; what's our achievement so far? I see lots of positive things around and I know we are moving forward!

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Its "green and white" day and I can imagine what my day will look like! Wake up, chores, food, wash up, wear "green white green" (and look like a canvass a painter finished working on) then run round the whole town alone like mad, have fun with friends, take lots of pictures and later run around town with friends.

The part I love the most is having to eat a "green and white" coloured cake!! Uhmmmmmm! So much fun to catch today!

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Ohhhhh and Happy Birthday Nigeria, Nigerians and everything in it! I see better days ahead! Have fun everyone!


  1. hahahahahaha... you could not even nwait for the day to come

  2. happy Independence Nigeria

  3. Thinking of what our country will look like after Buhari's administration.


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