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Konga five days exclusive offers!

Konga is hitting it big in the online market today!
They are known for their speedy pay on delivery system and professional customer service willing to listen to you.
I've bought a lot of things from them which include the gadget I am using to make this post now and I must confess I enjoy doing business with them.

I received this by email and decided to share with you guys.

They came up with this amazing 5 Days of Exclusive Offers with Up To 50% Off every item you purchase!!
Woahhhhhh! I must say I am so impressed. I love the offer more because its just after my birthday and I already have plans to do some shopping after my birthday. So now I can just sit at home, browse, click whatever I want and get them ate amazing prices! Cool huh?
Tell me who wouldn't want to grab the opportunity and i will give the person many reasons to.

Well, if you are thinking of where to shop online you can try them out.

For girls you can get the following there:



Trousers, Shoes, Makeup items and Bags

For guys, you can try out these:

Shirts, Trousers, Shoes, Belts etc

Interested in gadgets? try these:
Phones, Laptops, Tabs, Cameras etc

Other things you can get on Konga include

Kitchen/Home appliances, Baby Items, Electrical appliances, Books/Stationery etc

They have lots of things I cant even put down here and their services are amazing! Trust me, I have always shopped with them.

Why not try them out and let me know what you think!
if you aren't satisfied with their products or services; let me know and I will call the customer care myself!

Enjoy and share your shopping experience in the comment box!


  1. Yeah. True talk! Konga is good and their pay on delivery makes them awesome! I do most of my shopping with them.

  2. If you say so let me check out their prices. Those gowns are cool

  3. Konga is good. Atleast they can give you a reasonable reply when you call them to complain about a product! Unlike some other online store where you MUST beg and explain before anyone listens.

  4. How trustworthy is this Konga?

  5. Let me try it out. But will I get my money back If I am not satisfied?

  6. Seriously, Is there a money back guarantee?

    1. There will be no need for that when you try it

  7. Konga dey good oo e dey good!

  8. Konga dey good oo e dey good!


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