Respect women; they are super humans

"Never call a woman LAZY because you can't handle a quarter of what she does! Especially when there are kids in the picture!"

The doctor yelled at the scared man. It took me a while before I could comprehend the scene before me. I had gone to visit a friend in the hospital and she happened to be in the same room with an injured woman (I don't know how she got injured). The doctor (a young man) was trying hard to explain to her husband that women should be respected at all cost. After a little lecture, the doctor left. I imagined what had happened and compared it to my present situation.
Since my sister traveled and left her two kids with me; I haven't had a decent rest! You may think now is the time I will have enough time to myself (I thought so too) but the reverse is the case. First, I try to wake up very early even though I didn't sleep early (I always console myself with the thought that I will sleep in the daytime) and prepare breakfast and a little food they can take to school. After that, I have to spend extra 10-15minutes fighting to get them out of bed (who doesn't love sleep) then I start the normal early morning routine- brush, eat, bath, dress up, ready to leave. I rush to do all these under 45 minutes (30minutes on the day they are in their best behaviour or mood) while screaming at the top of my voice and pleading where necessary. I drop them at school and come back to face all the housework ALONE. Before I even finish all the house chores and think of preparing lunch; its almost time to go back and pick them. I just sit for 10 minutes before going to pick them so I don't collapse on the way. By the time we come back, finish their homework, bath them (depending on the weather) and have lunch; its evening already (goodbye to my daytime sleep). I pack their uniforms and lunch-pack to wash them. Then I start preparing dinner and feeling like am gonna break down right now. After taking dinner, I usually check the clock and end up dropping a tear. It always says 8pm! Now tell me what next to do if not to head to bed. And that's it. If after all these stress of the day, someone comes in to tell me am LAZY; that person had better have medical insurance because it wouldn't end funny!

     Please guys, you have no idea what your woman is passing through at home (with the kids) when you are at work! Okay, its a good thing you are working hard to provide everything needed; but the little help you can render at home is highly appreciated!
  I love my Dad a lot because he has never said any unpleasant word to my Mum even if she lay down all day doing nothing! He knows what she passes through and always try to help in any little way he can!
  Yeah guys, we know you are the head but the head always come in handy when the other parts of the body needs help. Thanks guys as you Respect women!!!


  1. Tell the guys oooo

  2. Tell the guys oooo

  3. I do tell that to my son always! It pays to respect the women around

  4. I always say that to my son. It pays to respect women

  5. Most times I feel for my wife knowing what she pass through when am not at home; so I always try to help

  6. Most times I feel for my wife knowing what she pass through when am not at home; so I always try to help

  7. Tell them Rose. They have no idea


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