Summary of the First Time by Chidimma

I just read a novel by Chidimma Diane Edeh a graduate of UNN (yeah, my school).
The title is ''the First Time'' with ISBN- 978-978-8506-58-4. The novel is so interesting that I wish to review it myself.

Just keep calm as I post the book review now.

The novel starts with Nneoma, a 23years old graduate of UNN who is faced with an ultimatum of getting married before leaving for her youth service. According to her parents who gave her 3 months to bring a man home and show then; Nneoma has to realize that she is not getting any younger and she needs to settle with someone.
She meets Uche on her way to school to for her clearance some time after she broke up with Emeka her first love. Uche seems to be her dream man because he had everything she wanted in a man; money, car, cute face and he is also a PhD holder. Uche doesn't seem to appreciate her even when she shows how much she cares. Chiemeka on the other hand is a guy Nneoma's sister had introduced to her and he seem quite friendly.
They got to know little about themselves on phone and coincidentally showed up for the same wedding as the maid of honour and best man.
Nneoma receives her call up letter and she was posted to Lagos, a place she had prayed not to get. Nneoma is still faced by pressure from her parents who will no longer let her be without reminding her how many people are getting married.
She is forced to tell Uche about the situation and he proposes to her on the phone. But he told her that she has to get pregnant for him. They agreed on a date and place and on her way to the agreed place; she had an accident and was denied by him when he was called to the hospital to identify her. Chiemeka on the other hand came down from Lagos to stay with her in the hospital.
After recovering, she had to go to Lagos for her youth service there Chiemeka proposed to her and they started making plans for the grand wedding.
Nneoma had to come down to Nsukka to do somethings and she ran into Emeka her first love who told her everything about Uche whom she was on her way to see.
She met Uche at a restaurant and they talked for long. Uche who realized too late that she really loved him and will also make a good wife kept reminding her that he still loved her and still wants to marry her.
They set a date for their engagement party and Nneoma left to start thinking up her plans.
Chiemeka was no longer comfortable with Nneoma's recent suspicious calls and he was scared someone is trying to talke her away from him. But all his doubts were cleared on the day of the arranged engagement party.
Nneoma told the crowd everything about Uche and how he had gotten HIV and planning to pass it to her. She mentioned his plan to humiliate her and her entire family but he got the embarrassment himself.
Uche got up in shame and left and Chiemeka who was overwhelmed by her speech rushed to the stage and held her tight. They left and got back home to continue their wedding plans. On the day of the wedding, her whole family was there and she was driven to the Church by her elder brother alongside her family in the car they had given her as a gift. The wedding was amazing just as she had imagined.

After the wedding, the couple got to their new home and started theirs lives anew and lived happily ever after.

Well, that's the summary of "the first time" by Chidimma Dianne. I hope you get the book and read it up because this is a must read book!

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