How to be YOU

The only good thing about you is that you are you! There is nothing I love more than playing the role of myself and having fun while doing that!

There are lots of ways you can be yourself but I know of six unique ways you can proudly be yourself.
1. Define yourself: I always ask myself who am I? Most times I just come up and say, I am Rosy Omeje from Enugu, model, student, am tall, slim, a little fair, pretty (of course everybody is), classy, blah blah blah. At some point when am asked who am I? I simply say am that shy, sweet girl who loves making new friends and hanging out with old friends. In some cases I just say things about myself like what I do, love doing and will still do. For example, if am asked to introduce myself I just say my name, am a model, a writer, a motivational speaker, love having fun and an aspiring entrepreneur. Whatever the answer is; just know who you are. Its only when you can define yourself that you can know what you are made of (am made of more). Have a little time to yourself when you just sit and meditate about who you are then you can jump to number two.
2. Be yourself and be the best you can be: Even Amstel confirms that. The only way you can love yourself is if you always bring out the best in you. For me, I know I love modeling; so when I put in enough effort and everything I know I can do into it, I have succeeded in being myself and bringing out the best and that shows that I am the best I can be.
3. Accept defeat when and where necessary: 0kay, I have tried to be myself and be the best; that's awesome. But even after that I don't get the desired result? Not bad; once in a while, we fall in order to become stronger. For example, when I have done everything I know I should do as a model and I can smell victory already; I go out into the runway and do everything right and still did not emerge the winner; I simply accept defeat and prepare myself for greater contests. But if I start sulking over the loss and become bitter; I have started limiting myself and my abilities. I may even say to myself, "if I couldn't win this contest then why am I still a model?" That's not true! If I had given up when I lost my first contest; I wouldn't have gotten this far. I may not have known all these people I know today or even do the daring things I do today! You don't really have to give up on yourself, just be you and watch things unfold for good.
4. Aim higher than that person you envy: Yes! You want to be like that cool kid! Or you want to enjoy life like your buddy! Its good you know, but why not look at what they do from a distance and do things better than that which will leave them gaping at you green with envy! Trust me, I do that a lot and it works fine.
5. Accept the gossips: Whoever came up with the quote that "you are nobody if people don't talk about you" is totally right. Come on, you wore that pretty, classy, cool dress to the party and you made people turn their heads to admire you and you want to tell me you feel bad when you see the headline "what's your take on the dress she wore to the party?" Ohh, please. People must talk. Even when you go out to buy something they will be like "did she just buy that thing?" Or "what is she thinking wearing that just to go and buy something?" Or even "she doesn't really need that thing she bought. She just wants us to see her!" People can be mean! They just say unnecessary things that can hurt so bad. But that shouldn't be your problem. Just accept that they must talk and don't try to reply them. Check out my last post on how to handle gossips .
6. Stop been too busy and start having fun: Alright, I understand you have to run this, acquire that, fix these and get those! Good! But relax and take things easy. Don't overwork yourself. Find pleasure in your work and enjoy it. I love everything I do and make sure I apply fun in whatever I find myself doing. For instance, when I am trying to sign-up for a contest; I don't go in with the mindset that it is a do or die affair, I just tell myself that am here to have fun, make new friends and learn new things. Trust me, when I go in with that ideology; I realize that everything is much easier when you are doing it for the fun of it and not overworking yourself only to skip the fun and blame yourself when you don't get what you want. Even if I don't win, I know I have enjoyed myself and not lose out of both the fun and the award.
  Awwww... Six tips, finally! My finger tips are already screaming for help!!
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  1. Nice tips you outlined! I do some of those aand it helps..

  2. Hello there.. Your favourite subscriber here! Keep the how-to coming, am so loving them!

  3. Hello there.. Your favourite subscriber here! Keep the how- to coming, am so loving them!

  4. Nice tips you outlined! I do
    some of those aand it helps..


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