A decent female artist I know

You know Janelle Monáe?? I trust you do. She is the female artist who sang "Yoga" with Jidenna (another artist I like). I have watched a lot of her videos and I must say that I really admire her style. I mean it when I say Janelle Monáe is the most decent female artist I have seen on sreen and I am going to back that up with her "Yoga" video. 

At first when I listened to the audio; I just concluded that this will be like other videos I have seen where lots of people in the video show lots of skin that will leave me wondering whether they are trying to promote the song or their bodies! But I was proven wrong when she dropped the video with a handful of girls showing very little skin! I totally loved the video because I was comfortably watching it without fearing that someone's loose clothe will fall off their body (I always feel this way when I see what some girls wear on screen). I really admired the video and her stand against fans who blasted her for wearing "too much" clothes in the video! I was surprised when I read fans comment on the video. They were actually complaining that she should lighten up her clothes and not wear "too much" while on screen. I wonder what they actually want her to achieve on screen wearing a towel or a tiny headtie and calling it a cloth. Most times I just imagine if videos won't sell if girls don't appear wearing little or almost nothing on screen!! Whatever! I admire and respect Janelle Monáe and I hope she doesn't fall under too much pressure from fans and begin to appear with almost nothing on screen like most of the female artists I have so admired! You can download Janelle and Jidenna's Yoga video here What do you think guys???

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