14 things that shows you are single and in need of help

Being single is fun if you ask me. I see it as when I can do things I want without having to answer anyone. I don't need to check to know if I am cheating on someone or even crossing lines. Although, others may have contrary opinions but I still maintain that I am never as free as when I am single. Some people choose to be single while others can't help being single (not their fault so don't blame them).
You can be single and be happy but there are times when you feel you are left out. Even though being single rocks, it still have some awkward sides too. And at this point you would realize that you need help.
So here are some things that shows you need help getting pulled out of your status. Most single persons will understand and definitely relate to these:
1. When your friends always try to set you up with a “friend of a friend of a friend of theirs” and your reply is "No, I’m not interested in meeting him or her" then know that they already feel sorry for your status and you may want to take their advise.
2. Some people, especially relatives, siblings or parents start telling you that you need to find someone; then your status is already blinking red! Too bad I don't have a word for you here.
3. When someone turns up and constantly ask why you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Awwwwch! The question alone puts you in an uncomfortable situation. Even though you keep asking why they are so interested in your personal life.
4. You feel out of place when you hang out with a couple. Seriously, I know the feeling so well. I almost ran mad when I went out with my friend and her date! Yuck! I can clearly remember the look they gave me while talking! I felt like an outcast, so out of place and so awkward till I left them. Brrrrrrrrhhhhh. In such situations you will realize that your status is no longer helping.
5. Your friends in a relationship are always talking about their relationships both the good and bad side. This can be so bad especially when they are in need of someone with "experience" to talk to and you are the nearest person. I remember when my friend needed relationship advice and I was the only one around to talk to. She threw awkward glances at me before she could open her mouth to say something. Like she wasn't sure how I will take it. After pouring out her mind, I just told her what I knew from what I got reading books, attending events and watching others. She looked at me for a while wondering where that had come from. If you always find yourself in such situation I think you need to row your boat in a different direction.
6. Seeing a romantic movie alone in the cinema or at home sometimes makes you feel really lonely and maybe depressed. This happens to me a lot. Here you may decide to upgrade.
7. People start giving you advice on how best to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. You start hearing things like “You know you’d get a boyfriend if you start dressing to kill" or "Girls will come crawling if you start flaunting the cash" blah blah blah. At this point, just know that they see you as incapable of giving yourself advise.
8. When your ex or past dates start feeling sorry for you and think they can just slide back in out of nowhere, then I think your single state is turning into something else. At this point you may want to scream "I AM SINGLE NOT DESPERATE!"
9. When people find it hard to believe you are single then you may become shaky. Guys are always like “Rosy, How are you single? and you’re all tall, pretty blahhhhhh." And I will be like "I know, its amazing right?" Though, deep inside I may feel like its becoming a problem.
10. Some people begin to suspect or ask if you’re gay or lesbian. Huh? I am single doesn't mean the opposite sex disgust me! When you start hearing these then you may really be in need of help.
11. When people begin to tell you that you’ve been single for too long (-0-). Dearie, someone cares and they no longer find it funny seeing you lonely always. At this point you need a rethink.
12. When its a cool evening and your friends are out as couples and you’re at home watching TV. Hmmmmmmm. Then you hold your popcorn tight and say "I’ll just be here by myself having fun alone". Chill, your popcorn have someone already.
13. Sometimes when you start getting the feeling that you just want someone around because it can be nice then you really need to have someone around.
14. When you get a little sick of hanging out with yourself all the time. Though you’re completely amazing, but too much of hanging out alone can be bad. Then you may be in need of someone to hang out with.
Are you single? What are those things you experience that screams GET SOMEONE in your face?


  1. Lol.. This reminds e of my single days

  2. Single people still exist? Hahahaha... I am loving my relationship!

  3. Hmmmm... Being single really has it bad sides. Most times I can't even talk wen my dating friends are talking! That's in the past now

  4. Being single can be embarassing oo.. Especially when you are no longer gettin younger

  5. Single and loving it...

  6. Being single is not really a good thing ooo.... I know what i suffered when i was single. I dont even pray for my enemies who are not young to experience 'singledom'. Maybe you youngstars may see it as fun but for us the older ones its not really a thimg of joy. Well, except you have a good reason to remain single.


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