Business Ideas for Graduates 2

In my last post on Business Ideas for Graduates; I only listed products you can engage in making. In this post i will be listing services you can provide. Remember, I will only list them here and explain in later posts. Services are things you can offer that is you
can render comfortably and still have something coming in.

They include:
1. Event Management eg Wedding, Birthday or other Event planning.
2. Indoor and Outdoor Decoration.
3. Website Creation, Hosting and Designing.
4, Photo and Video Shooting.
5. Disk Jockeying.
6. Rental Service eg Chairs, Canopies etc.
7. Day Care.
8. Real Estate Agent.
9. Freelancing eg Writing Articles for Magazines or Newspaper, Making Post for Bloggers,
10. Computer Services eg Computer Training.
11. Internet Service Provider ie an Internet Cafe (my favourite).
12. Professional Laundry Services.
13. Fitness or Dance Instructor.
14. Makeup Artistry.
15. Professional Car Wash.
16. Electronics Repair.
17. Skills Acquisition Center.
18. Catering Services.
19, Hair, Facial and Body Treatment.
20. Spa.

The above listed may need little or no startup money to begin. You can even combine two or more. For example, I can run a Computer Training Center alongside an Internet Cafe. I can also combine Event Management, Makeup Artistry and Decor. I can comfortably do all these together because they get along. Like someone who runs a Computer Center can also run an Internet Cafe with ease. I can handle Managing a Wedding, Decorating the hall and doing the bride's Makeup without much stress because they evolve around almost the same thing.
Note that the above are not restricted to a specific gender.
A lady can run a Car Wash or Laundry Service while a guy can also do Makeup, Hair Styling and Decor.
Next is sales. I don't really know the name to call this part. Someone termed it ''business'' but i don't really buy that because I don't think it covers my list. This is the part where buying and selling is involved. This takes a lot of commitment, time, energy and money and maybe labour. Unlike products and services that needs less of that.
Watch out for my next post where I will list businesses you can take up.
Feel free to drop your comments.


  1. Makeup?? As a guy?? No no no! Dats so girlie! I wil go 4 drycleanin or car wash instead

  2. Wow... Dis girl u are good oo! U just took even d lowest job nd gave it a professional name! Thumbs up! Dat spa z wats on my mind! A massage room z in high demand in my area so am givin it a thought!

  3. Please, I need information on how to start a business center.. Any help??

  4. Please, I need information on how to start a business center.. Any help??

  5. Hmmmm... Cant wait to see hw to carry out these. I can see things i can pick up to do while waiting for my 'dream' job

  6. Looks like am gonna try eventmanagement.. Am really good @ plannin events naturally.

  7. cool... i will look into these

  8. wow... u just summarized a lot of tins for me.. thanks


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