Business Ideas For Graduates 3

The economy may be improving but it doesn't mean its easy for a University Graduate to find a good, full time job. The job market is highly competitive and even if you are perfectly qualified for a position, there is no guarantee that you will actually get the job.
So instead of hoping that your CV will
work magic on its own; try getting something you can engage in. If startup money is a problem, you can apply for various youth programmes that grant loans to promising youths. You can try bank loans, family, friends and some other sources of getting money. If you are successful in getting something then I'm happy for you. If you aren't successful (I know this is not for you) then don't give up yet. You can also think of partnering with someone else.
In my last two posts I listed products and services you can engage in instead of waiting for a job which may not come soon. You can also keep yourself busy with it while waiting for that company or Government job.
In this post I will list some "businesses" you can easily set up with or without external help. I don't really know the name to call this part. Someone termed it ''business'' but i don't really buy that because I don't think it covers my list. This is the part where buying and selling is involved. Business takes a lot of commitment, time, energy and money and maybe labour. Unlike products and services that needs less of that. And as a graduate, the strategy you use in handling the business will be quite different from a non-graduate. There are lots of things you can do to spice up your business that will make it stand out. You just need an idea, a plan, a smart brain, and a sharp strategy.
Note that the list of businesses you can take up is endless!

Here is my own list. You can always come up with whatever you feel you can engage in importing or selling.
1. Sales of New and Used Clothes, Shoes, or Books. You can also involve in importing them.
2. Importation/Sales of Tokunbo Spare Parts.
3. Importation/Sales of Building Materials.
4. Sales of Electrical Appliances.
5. Sales of Nigerian Brewery Products.
6. Cosmetics and Makeup Items.
7. Medical equipment.
8. Beauty and Hair Care Equipments.
9. Medicine Supply.
10. Buying and Reselling Properties.
11. Home and Kitchen Appliances.
12. Home and Office Decorations.
13. Furnitures.
14. Phones and Computers and their Accessories.
15. Kids Items.
16. Car Batteries and Tires.
17. Food or Foodstuffs in Popular Demand.
18. Poultry.
And the list goes on and on.
I will be explaining each of these in posts to come and I hope you find something you can engage yourself in. Either for a short while or for a long time.
I wish you luck in whatever you do.
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  1. Good work.. Keep it up

  2. I must say I enjoy reading your posts

  3. Nice one... Any ideas how someone can start importation of china electrical applianceS?


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