Do it yourself Nigerians

"If you want something done, do it yourself" that's my Dad's favourite quote.
Growing up, my Dad never shared any chores amongst us. He always told us that sharing chores could limit us but we can take turns to do the chores. For example, you cannot come into the house and find plates piled up in the kitchen and you don't want to wash them because you feel there is a little one in the house whose "duty" it is to was the dishes. Now that's something my Dad wouldn't want to hear! He would tell you that "if you feel too big to wash the dishes because there is a little one in the house; then relax and watch me do the dishes myself" Even before he finish saying the words; he is already in the kitchen attending to the dishes. Surely, you would be embarrassed. If you ask him why he did that, he will always say "the little things we feel too big to do are the things that matters the most" he is not only showing us humility but also teaching us lessons that will help us wherever we go.
What are those lessons? Read on.

Let's look at the state of Nigeria. In my home everyone is capable of washing dishes but because we feel we shouldn't do it while there is a little one around, we ignore the dishes amd it keeps piling up until the little one step in to wash dishes twice his size! This is the case in Nigeria. Everyone is doing little or nothing while waiting for the Goverment to perform miracles greater than them! Graduates who are unemployed keep carrying their CVs around and blaming the Government for not providing jobs when they can actually create a job themselves and even employ some other unemployed graduates.
If we all wait for the little one in the house to wash the dishes; then it will keep piling and there will be no neat plates available when its time to serve the next meal. This literally means that if all the graduates sit and wait for the Government to create jobs; and the University keeps churning out thousands of graduates yearly; then we are all going to be in a huge mess! Unemployment rate increases and this could invariably lead people to armed robbery, prostitution and other vices,
On the other hand, if I decide to forget the little one and do the dishes myself; then i have helped the little one, myself and others in the house. Same thing if a graduate creates a job himself and employ other graduates; this shows we are making progress. If more graduates do the same then we may reach a level where unemployment will not be a serious threat to our country.

Doing things yourself doesn't only apply in creating jobs. In my hometown years ago, our roads were so bad that making use of it after a downpour was almost impossible. Everyone kept blaming the Government for the neglect while waiting for them to come and fix the road. But the Government were nowhere in sight. After whining and cursing; the youths knew they could not keep waiting for imaginary people to come and fix the road. They knew they had to do something, i don't know how they mobilized themselves but they came out and started leveling the road. The Local Government Chairman heard about it and came down to see where he could come in. Not long after that; coals were brought in and the road was tarred! The accident rate dropped and people could safely and freely use the road even when its raining. Now that's a great achievement.
If we practice more "do it yourself" and less "wait for someone to do it" then we are sure to achieve amazing things. By so doing, we are helping ourselves and a whole lot of other people. If we all keep waiting for someone else to do something we are capable of doing; then we are all wasting our time and nothing will ever get done because no one will do it. Everyone will keep thinking that the other person will do it. Just like I will expect the little one to wash the dishes; the little one may feel that I will help him wash them since I am older.
As Nigerians; we should learn to do things ourselves and stop waiting for the "right" person to come along and do it. If you want a job, create one! We must not all work in a company; we can also be entrepreneurs! That's why we are advised to learn a trade, a handwork, have a skill and a vocation too (in my next post I will be talking about jobs you can take up as an entrepreneur that pays). If you want the house swept, the dishes washed, the gutter cleared or the dirt disposed of; do it yourself and quit waiting for someone who may also be waiting for you to do it. If your cleaner does not arrive early; clean the place up yourself! We should also show humility because a single act of humility pays a lot and could go a long way.
So what do you think? Should we do it ourselves or wait for the person we feel is "right" to come and do it?


  1. This is what Nigerians need to know!

  2. Woah...... Your Dad is amazing!!! Cant imagine he would do little house chores just to show you guys a lesson! I don't think my Dad even knows where the kitchen is.

  3. Doing things myself doesnt really hurt... I do that a lot


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