Five Things you should know about (JobrizeInc)

The rate at which people jump into Jobrize now is amazing! I have come across more than 45 jobrize referral links just today. Here are fives things you should know about 1. Jobrize is a referral company in the US which claims to have been founded in 2010 (wrong)! Actually, its Creation Date is 28-may-2014 and expiration Date is 28-may-2016 (I checked its WHOIS). If you check well you will realize that before it was called 2. It claim to
pay its members for doing tasks and activities which are given to them but on the site there are no products or services only your referral link which you are advised to use and generate traffic so as to earn $5 dollar from unique visitors who register using your referral link(sounds cool right). That's called networking. 3. Now it claims to have 1,457,440 registered users and 1,012,910 active users (no proof) this is the same figure I saw last two weeks, last week and this week! Now that's something. 4. They claim to have six countries with the top payout (Nigeria isn't listed) and the highest is India $30,560! (Clear scam). 5. Still not convinced? Okay, you try to send an email to them and this is the reply you get "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Technical details of permanent failure:Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain [].
The error that the other server returned was:550 No Such User Here". Personally, I feel Jobrize is the number one most crazy place one can sign up. You do everything you are told and your imaginary money begin to grow but you will never get paid (at least I haven't seen anyone who got paid in Nigeria). My friend who tried to make me register under her referral ID was really convincing and kept on blabbing about the amount of money you will be paid monthly just by sitting at home and getting people to register under you. I simply told her that she should show me someone that Jobrize has paid a dime in Nigeria and I will register under her link and invite everyone I know to do the same. I also mentioned that I have used various networking sites and I know which is a little bit genuine. I advised she engage in other meaningful networking not Jobrize which consumes time, money and energy with little or no return. From what I know Its only a networking site that keeps changing its name after scamming lots of people. It is simply a fake internet "work-from-home" job. If you are into it and getting paid; good for you. If you are not; try something else. Other fake ones include Pay4users .com and a lot of other fake online job websites. All the scammers do is change the name of the website and the contents in it. Still doubting? you can use your search engine and check it out!

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