Business Ideas for Graduates

Hey everyone! missed you all, its been a while and I trust you are good. I am back now and this time I came with business ideas for graduates! In my last post I talked about creating a job for yourself and not lazying about waiting for a company or Government job. Instead of waiting around for that ''dream'' job to
open up, start something yourself. Today, lots of people are increasingly choosing entrepreneurship as a career path after graduation. So I researched and came up with some business ideas you can try out as a graduate (it doesn't mean that non-graduates can't try it out too!). In this post, I will only list them according to products, services and sales. In the following posts, I will explain each of them and how you can successfully carry them out. I am doing this to avoid having a very very very very long post and making the whole thing boring for you. I will start with the products you can engage in. These are things you can manufacture, produce or make on your own and they require little startup money.

They include:
1. Palm Oil Production and Storage.
2. Bakery Products eg Cakes.
3, Recharge Card Printing.
4. Smale Scale Production eg Paint, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Candles etc.
5. Fast Food Eatery.
6. Home Made Products eg Cleaning Agents (detergent, scouring powder etc). Airfreshner.
7. Handwork, Arts and Crafts eg Bag and Bead making, Knitting, Artwork etc.
8. Fashion Designing eg Clothes, Shoes and Bag Designing, Jewelries etc.
9. Fruit Juice and Pure Water Production.
10. Furniture Production.
11. Farm Products eg Rice, Cassava etc.
12. Printing Press eg Card or Calendar Printing, Book Binding etc.

I will keep updating the list so you can check back whenever you want.
I really advise you go for the one you have skills, passion and interest in. But if you choose to go for one you have little or no idea how to handle, then I suggest you go learn what it takes to handle it or start employing people who do (this may not be a good idea for a start unless you have enough money to do that).

Next is Services. These are things you can offer that is services you can render comfortably and still have something coming in.
Sorry, I will have to move this list to the next post. Catch you there!

Ohhhhh. And any questions, addition, suggestions or comments you have about the ones I mentioned earlier is welcomed.


  1. I am an artist and i must confess am hittin it big! U jst nid a good strategy and d right customers.

  2. These days beadmaking z trending lyk mad! Evry1 z nw goin d bead way! Handwork rocks oooo

  3. Fashion designing sure pass oo!! U never know what you can do on a simple cloth

  4. Bakery products are in high demand now ooo... Nt only for events. I advise people go and learn how to bake anything because everywhere you are you can find customers and you can also combine it wit ur regular job..

  5. Uhmmmmm... Can i do a little advert for my cakes here?? Pleasssssssssssse


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