How can hardwork pay you?

Recently, there have been this buzz online about a popular female blogger (Linda Ikeji) who got a mansion in banana island (one of the coolest places in Lagos) and having some of Nigeria's prominent people (the likes of Mike Adenuga) as her neighbours. I just shook my head and told myself that being independent is something one will never regret.
Okay, let me close my eyes and imagine if she hadn't worked that hard, become independent and find herself telling a guy (probably her husband) that she needs money to buy a mansion situated at banana island................

Awwwwwwwwwww! The scenario wouldn't be pretty, though it may turn funny because he would probably laugh at her "joke".
So I say to myself, why not work hard, have my own money and get those things I have always dreamed of! Those expensive gadgets, classy clothes, breath-taking shoes and all those stuffs I see other people having and going green with envy so I wouldn't have to beg someone for it? And a dude just looked me in the eyes and say, if a woman have all these things at her disposal, she will lose respect for everyone especially guys. I simply said "if I want to be rude to people, I don't need money to help me do that" the same dude said guys are scared of approaching ladies who have lots of money and may feel intimidated by their wealth! Except the guy is stinking rich too. I yawned and told him "anyone who wants to be intimidated will be; no need using her wealth as excuse. Besides, these days guys feel more comfortable around ladies who aren't too dependent on someone".
Tell me, as a student how do you feel when you have to call your sponsor often to ask for money? For me I feel sick having to call my Dad sometimes for money. So what do I do? I simply do little stuffs in school that can fetch me money. Stuffs like doing assignments for others, designing cards, little online registrations etc. And luckily, these things don't encroach into my school time. By so doing, I am already teaching myself how to be independent. So tell me, who would make me feel bad simply because I asked for money to do something? No one! Because I make my own money and may need little or no money from others (well, except school fees and other major things from my Dad).
Now, if I graduate, start a comfortable job, work hard and have some money I can use to take care of myself, will anyone harass me because I asked for money? I guess that's a no.
So hard work pays a lot. It doesn't kill to be independent! I choose to be independent and so I will have to work hard to achieve that. I can't just sit and hope that someone will go out, work hard and bring money home which I may have to beg before I can tap into! That's definitely not for me.
Speaking about being rude to people because you let money and power get into your head; I don't think that will be much of a problem because if one has control over his or her money and not the other way round, respect won't be a problem for such a person.
People who are well disciplined are always radiating respect (myself included. lol) so don't bother about them. Plus, you can never feel intimidated next to them (although my height is quiet intimidating *winks*). I know if we play our cards well, work hard we will have little or nothing to worry about being dependent on others or not.
For me, I will love to be so independent I wouldn't need permission to do something I love (yeah, as long as someone isn't getting hurt).
So what do you think? Work hard and Become independent or clinging onto someone or having to run to others each time you need help?


  1. Did u say depening on others? Count me out! That is not my calling please.

  2. My Mum always tell her daughters that the only way you can be happy and comfortable with whatever our husband brings home is if you are also bringing something home. I will never be independent!

  3. Well, being dependent doesn't really hurt too


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