Is water hygenic?

Growing up, I was told water is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless liquid that humans and animals drink. I hope I still got it right. But its not only for drinking. You can bath, cook, wash, and even cleanup with it after using the toilet! Yeah! Cleanup yourself after using the toilet. That's my point here.
In case you don't know, water is the most hygenic thing to use (maybe aside wipes) after you finish using the toilet.
I am talking from my own experience, I know you may have a contrary opinion. So I will just say why water is better than tissue (I won't mention wipes because it also contain liquid) and you can drop your own opinion in the comment box.
Sorry to all the tissue-sellers if I succeed in turning your customers away.
First of all, residues may be left behind after you use a tissue.
If you are one of those who do their thing before taking their bath, then just know that you are unconsciously using water to clean up. You may want to keep that up.

Personally, I have never thought of using tissue! Even before I knew its disadvantages because I am scared of having to wipe myself with a white thing leaving it all over my body and wondering if I had cleaned myself well. I can't imagine using tissue after tissue checking to see if I am clean enough before leaving the toilet and probably leaving trail of tissue all over me. Ewwwwwwwww!
I was at a club with my friends and someone started having a running stomach and wanted a place to do her business. She was shown the toilet and she asked for water in a bucket! The guy tried explaining to her that she wouldn't be needing that, she only needed to press flush when she is done and the whole thing will go down and then wash her hands in the sink with soap too. She still insisted that she needed the bucket of water. In order not to provoke a scene, he brought her the water. She went in, finished and came out. My friends wanted to know the reason why she had insisted on the bucket of water and she simply explained that she couldn't fetch water from the sink to clean herself up not even from the water closet. They asked her to explain what she meant by "clean myself up" and she said she prefer using water to clean up than tissue! She went ahead to explain that "tissue leave residues and it doesn't clean you up completely". I screamed "finally, someone is thinking like me!" I was beginning to think I am crazy being the only one using water to clean up. She talked on and on about the good side of water and I saw my friends gladly receiving the message and turning towards water.
Secondly, using tissue can cause infection, and other genital diseases. Imagine not cleaning yourself well and leaving behind some stuff after using the tissue! These things tend to decay and may become fertilizer for bacteria to survive!
Not long after my friends and I moved into our house, we noticed our toilet has not been fixed so we were always jumping in and out of the bush close to our house to do our thing (not hygenic at all). Our landlady caught us one day and told us that we weren't supposed to do that. We complained that there was no other place available and she told us we could use their place. She later explained to us that even though it can serve as manure for the growing plants, it also give room for other bacteria to grow which may not be healthy having around our house (I don't know if her theory is true). But I can imagine if it were to grow on a human body what will be the result?
The last thing is the smelly anal zone. If particles are remaining on your body and they dry up, they may start producing a bad smell. To avoid this, its either you use your tissue well without sparing it, or use your free and easy to use water and have little or nothing to worry about.
To me, water is the most hygienic way of cleaning up. You just have to know how to use it to avoid soaking yourself simply because you are trying to clean up.
So what do you think? Tissue or Water?


  1. Water ooo. Never loved tissue

  2. Hello!! Water? In this century? I can't oooo

  3. Hello!! Water? In this century? I can't oooo

  4. Tissue please! Water??? How do you guys even use it??

  5. I cant imagine using water without getting all wet.. Please show me how you use it!

  6. Lolz Rose, i wount be able to use water o, tissue sure pass, i wil use water to wash my hands. Nice article sha


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