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How To Make Free Calls For 2016

I stumbled on a cool app and I have been enjoying free credit since I installed it!
Here is how it works:
First download the free call credit app here or search for MYADS on playstore.
But you will need an internet connection to use the app and no internet connection to make call with the credits given.
After downloading and installing; simply follow the instructions to register.
Anytime you receive a call for 20 seconds or above, you get rewarded with some points which you can convert to normal airtime for making calls!
Simple right?
But if you don't receive any calls for 20seconds or more, you can try this:
Use another phone to dial your number in the midnight when calls are free. Pick the call and leave it on for 20 seconds, hangup and repeat the same thing till you get the amount you want.
Afterwards, you can open the app and withdraw the accumulated points as free airtime to be used to call any network
Though, it may be stressful if you don't  receive calls, it is still worth it.

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