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Kuje twin explosion: my experience!

Just last night I was having a good time with my nephews. We had the house to ourselves and really enjoying every bit of it.
We were watching a movie and we felt the house shake. My 4 years old nephew looked at me and said "what's that?" I just smiled and said its coming from the movie. A little while later the house shook again and this time the roof and windows dropped debris and I knew this one is closer! We felt the impact so close that my nephew looked at me and I knew he wasn't expecting another "it is from the movie" answer. I simply told him that it looks like its going to rain and a heavy thunder just struck we should probably go to bed. How can I explain to someone I told a day before that we are 55years now and it looks like terrorism is no longer as threatening as it used to be that a twin blast has just occurred? I felt like a liar.
We turned off everything, locked everywhere (including the bathrooms) and went to bed. I prayed that burning of houses will not be the next thing.
As someone who grew in the north and had witnessed several explosions; I knew better that to start panicking. A lot of friends around and my sister called to be sure we are okay and I also called those who I didn't hear from and I noticed that one person wasn't responding and I just prayed nothing had happened.
This morning I went to the market to buy things we would use within the week and I was surprised.
I thought I would be the only one who is crazy enough to come to the market after it had witnessed a blast. If I hadn't heard the sound, felt the impact and saw the news; I would have concluded its just a rumor! Every trader was at their usual place and everyone was buying and selling like nothing had happened.
I am sure market will sell very well today!

So only a day after celebrating how independent we are; one can't walk freely without been scared of been blown up? Can someone tell me it will be over soon???


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