My letter to Mtn!

I know they won't see this but I am still going to post it just to get it off my mind. Hello Mtn. I have a long complaint to make about this sim registration so please be patient if you really want to read to the end! I have always loved this network for a lot of things but today all those feelings disappeared because I just witnessed the worst customer service ever.

First of all, I don't understand the reason behind the sudden need to update one's sim in such a short time. Ok, I assume you are following instructions from NCC! But its obvious you aren't making it easy for the customers by sending threatening messages of blocking one's sim to every single subscriber at the same time! What do you expect when you do that? Crowded mtn offices and highly inconveniencing customers! I got a message on Friday saying that my sim will be disconnected that day so I should go to the nearest office to register. I thought I was the only one who got the message but my sister, neighbour, hair stylist and my friends also got it too. I also realized that a lot of other Customers had received it too when I went online to surf the net and I knew this was not going to be pretty. So like the good customers we are; my friends and I decided to go and register our sims. We had to move from Kuje to Lugbe because that was the closest place we could get an mtn office. After getting drenched on our way to the office, we got there only to be asked to wait outside the gate for those who are inside already to reduce a little.
The security at the gate was aware it was raining and held an umbrella he wasn't using and still turned deaf ears to our plea to give us the umbrella or let us in. After a while, he let us in. We got in and had to squeeze ourself into a small canopy that was actually leaking. We were left outside in the cold with little covering and most of us didn't have any jacket because no one suspected the rain. That wasn't enough, the officials handling the registration were just two and the server was constantly down. In order for me not to exaggerate, I will safely say that one customer spent up to 20minutes registering his sim! This wasn't a good development because we were much and the server was not helping plus we were really freezing without anyone showing concern. We were forced to sit for hours with the line moving slower than a snail. After what seemed like ages, some customers had to go inside and yell at the officials who seemed to be helpless because they were not much handling it and the server was not really fast. Four unsatisfied customers who had gone to other networks that same day and registered their sims without stress simply got up and broke their sims and decided to continue with their other sims. Some mothers had to go and pick their kids from school and bring them back to the office to continue to wait. After a long wait, my friends and I had to leave because it was getting late and we had to get a bus to beat the traffic. We had to stand at the bus stop for almost 30mins struggling with the same people we had sat down with waiting to register sims. It wasn't funny because the rain started again. We got home late after achieving nothing the whole day.
Please, do something because everyone around Kuje is no longer comfortable with going to the next town to register a sim which they are not sure they would succeed in doing. People around suggest bringing even if its just two people down here to help register people here or make it possible for those who sell and register simcards to do the update required or try to decongest the offices by employing more people only for registration or any other cool plan is accepted because lots of people around here are already throwing their mtn sims and hanging unto other sims. please do something fast or stop sending threatening messages of blocking people if you can't make provision for them to register.

Thanks for reading to the end!


  1. Mtn dey provoke me die ooo

  2. Register keh! They had better block my sim

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