Seven reasons why blogging is a Waste of Your Time!

Wait!! Bloggers before you strangle me let me make myself clear!
Someone also told me that. He said "Blogging is a waste of your time if you are doing it with a wrong mindset". I think I agree to that a little bit. In this post I am going to talk about seven reasons why blogging is actually not all its made out to be and why it could be a waste of time.

1. People blog because of a lot of things which include making money, helping people, developing skills, for fun, to show creativity, offer services etc A good number of bloggers I have come across will always say they are into blogging because of the "money" in it! Then I check again to see the "money" in it. Just because few people make money blogging doesn't really mean everybody who jumps into it will do the same. Some feel they can turn it into full time career and this might be so they can quit their day job or so they can work from home or just want a little extra cash to save up for a new car, house or something. Whatever it is; if you are blogging solely to make money online then you "could" be wasting your time. If, however, you are blogging because you want to help people, offer services or because it is a creative outlet for you and also make some money then it is an entirely different story. The results of this type of blogging cannot be measured.

2. Someone once said "Blogging can be a distraction from your main goal; you can spend so much time focusing on blogging that you forget to actually make any money". So true, especially for those who speedily rush in hoping to start making money once the blog is setup. If you aren't focused and without a cool strategy you may just be wasting your time.

3. There are thousands of ways to make money on the internet. Blogging is just one of them but it isn't one of the best either. It involve lots of hard work and takes time to yield any monetary results. If you aren't dedicated, diligent or smart then your time is just wasting. But blogging has become very popular because of its accessibility that everyone thinks it is the best way to make money online. Other ways of making money online include developing an ebook based on your areas of expertise (presently working on this right now because I have seen the kind of profit it can yield) or a product site, learn affiliate marketing and how to create product landing pages so you can run affiliate campaigns, developing apps, web designing/developing, freelancing, developing product based websites about things you know about, making youtube instructional videos and monetizing them. The opportunities online are endless.

4. Not everyone is called to blog, not everyone is a good writer (unless you are paying people to make posts for you). if you can't write a unique article then spend your time doing something that you are naturally good at which will not waste your time like blogging (which you know nothing about).

5. If you are good at blogging and love it and you believe in your ability and trust your long term strategy then you need to keep blogging, even if it doesn’t seem like its paying up right now. But if you aren't then you may be probably wasting your time.

6. Blogging is actually a waste of time if it is distracting you from something more profitable. If you find a better way to make money that is fun, enjoyable and ethical you need to check it out. Just don’t get distracted in whatever it is that you choose to do. If you put most of your time in blogging and less into a more profitable job at hand then you are doing it wrong.

7. Ask yourself if the time you put into blogging is worth it. For me, I blog for fun but I still make a few cents and am satisfied that a lot of people email to tell me they have learnt something from some of my posts. Check this, you are blogging for an hour or more each night after work or school and you are foregoing something else. What is it? Is it family time? Assignment? Planning? Exercise? Sleep? Study? Or working on a better web strategy or even on an offline business? Is it worth it? Everything that you do has an opportunity cost and that is why it is important to figure out whether blogging is a waste of your time. If what you are foregoing is more important than blogging then it is a waste of your time but if its the other way then you can spend more time blogging.

So what do you think? Do you think you are wasting time blogging or do you think that there are other things that is a waste of your time? I really want to know whether any of you would consider doing something else if the blogging plan didn’t work out soon.


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