Wedding hairstyles; how to avoid disaster

Weddings are always memorable for the people involved (except those forced into it) and that is why everyone wants to appear gorgeous in order to be the talk of the day.
As the bride, your hairstyle and wedding dress speaks volume about your taste for fashion and beauty. Picking shoes isn't much of a problem because it is hardly seen (My neighbour wore a white sneakers on her wedding day and not everyone noticed).
It is adviseable you take your time choosing your hairstyle and dress. Its better if you go for a less complicated hair that will not be all over your face and giving you trouble. Your dress should be well picked too to avoid wearing something you can't move freely in or even breathe in.
I will be discussing how you can avoid disaster when planning your wedding hair in this post and the next post will cover choosing a wedding dress.

I discussed three things you should look out for when planning your wedding hair:
1. Choosing your hairstyle.
2. Picking a hairstylist.
3. Getting hair accessories.

So how do you choose a wedding hairstyle and avoid a disaster?

Your wedding hairstyle is supposed to be unique, stylish and help define the full frame of your face.
If you want a full hair, its cool. If you want a scanty hair, nice. If you want something not full and not scanty, its still great.
Picking a perfect wedding hairstyle is a huge part of preparing for your day. It affects a lot of things like your wedding pictures, your confidence when walking down the aisle (or reception hallway), your makeup, your tiara (or crown or headband or hair accessories) and a lot of other things you may not imagine.
Before you pick a hairstyle, check out various wedding magazines and see what others have picked. You need to know which ones are trending now and which ones are no longer on the list. Look out for hairstyles that is best for your face shape and will help you stay relaxed and not uncomfortable.
To look angelic on that day, you must consider a lot of things like the colour, length, style and ofcourse the weight of the hair you want to use.
There are five most common hairstyles trending now and they include: buckle-up, pony tail, pick'n'drop, updo, and different parting styles. You can do something else out of the ordinary if you want to (I have attended a wedding where the bride braided her hair).
Disaster may set in when you pick the wrong hairstyle! Either a wrong colour, style, length or even wrong weight. Some people choose colours of hair that look so odd on them even the length of the hair is something else, and these makes them look somehow.
To avoid such disaster, its good you choose colours that matches your skin tone and maybe hair colour! Personally, I don't go for black. I choose gold, brown, red, blue, or maroon even purple. I choose these colours because it blends with my skin tone and my hair colour too!
The lenght and weight is another thing.
Its disastrous if you go for a hair so heavy and extra long. You would find yourself struggling to stay relaxed and trying not to show your plight.

To avoid this, try something you are sure you can carry comfortably. If you love short hair, do it and sa yourself the stress
of feeling miserable under your hair.
Be professional. Try a style that will allow you dance and move around freely without having to push hair out of your face or away from yours eyes smearing your makeup! I wouldn't want that for you.

2. After choosing your wedding hairstyle, the next thing is choosing a hairstylist.

If you choose a 'crazy' stylist who claim to know whatsup then be prepared to be 'surprised'.
It would be disastrous if you go to a stylist who will mess up your hair, spoil your choice of hair and leave you wondering whether to loose it and go to another stylist or just use it like that. Whatever is the case, you will not be happy with the stylist and yourself until someone tells you the hairstyle is cool.
So to avoid such diasaster, look around for not just a 'professional' hairstylist but also someone who knows their thing.

3. After choosing a hairstylist, you can now bother about looking for hair accessories to adorn your hair.

For your hair to be fully decorated for that day, you must use wedding hair accessories in styling your hair.
Remember that your tiara is not supposed to overpower your hair! If you want to go for sophisticated hair accessories, your hair should come out simple.
It may be disastrous if you get your hair accessories before your visit to the hairstylist! Unless you are sure of how your hair will turn out. It is only when your hair is done that you or your stylist will decide which hair accessories is best for the hair.
If your hair is rolled to a bun, then you may not need much hair accessories. You can try putting cute pins or clips round the bun. Using a crown on a bun is accepted.
If your hair falls down to your neck then a tiara will come in handy. You can add any little accessory if you want.
If your hair is pushed behind your neck or tied up; you can also use tiara and other accessories on it.
The main thing is to be simple not to over-decorate and end up making your hair look like a christmas tree!
If you are not the accessories type, you can skip that and carry your hair that way. But its cool if you put little decorations on it (even if its just a ribbon).

Well, that's it. I hope you relax and planning nicely for your wedding hair and not freak out when you remember you haven't decided or made a good choice.
Have fun.


  1. Woah..... You speak as if you have been there! Have you?

  2. Are you preparing for your wedding? I can help you choose a hairstyle

  3. I will not like to use a hair accessory on my hair. I have seen brides get their veil tangled in one of the pins. Some end up falling off your hair before the end of everything. No no no, am not going for that!

  4. Someone help my wife! She has been lamenting about not making up her mind on her hair and the wedding is just next week!

  5. If ur life is lamenting den let her carry her natural hair! @ anonymous


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