Are There Nigerian Celebrities Who Rarely Show Their Wealth?

I love Nigerian celebrities for a lot of things. They know how to carry themselves, give back to their fans and live the celebrity lifestyle!
I mostly love the humble ones who don't rub their classy lifestyle on people's face.
But the most prominent feature of some celebrity is showing off their wealth to their fans and letting the world know they are A-list celebrities! Which leaves me wondering if there are some celebrities who don't show off their wealth.

Well, someone may say entertainment basically involves showing off, but I happen to come across some celebrities who have what it takes to show off their wealth even on social media but would rather stay subtle and let their entertainment be the only thing that fascinates their fans.

So here’s a list of celebrities who I know hardly show off their wealth.

You can also add your own in the comment box.

1. Asa:
Real name, Bukola Elemide, is that one celebrity who loves to keep it low. While she does great music and one of the few Nigerian celebrities signed to a foreign owned label yet have relevance both on the local and international scene.
Asa has performed at several sold out tours around the globe and has every right to flaunt wealth but she doesn’t. The singer is so low-key that we barely knew a lot about her until this year when she started sharing photos of herself. I personally love her like....
Never mind.

2. Naeto C:

Real name Naetochukwu Chikwe, is a Nigerian rapper, Afrobeat artist and record producer. He was born in Houston, Texas and is of Nigerian origin.
If you talk about an artist that was born into wealth and still went ahead to make a name for himself, then you’re talking about Naeto C. The singer who is worth several millions rarely shows off his wealth. He is also the first Nigerian MC to have a Masters Degree.

3. Femi Kuti:

Son of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and has gone to make a name for himself in the entertainment world by being one of the most popular Afro-beats artist on the planet today.
Femi Kuti is one of the most simple celebrities we know today. He has traveled on tour alongside his full band to several countries where he has thrilled Afro-beat lovers.
The singer still performs at The New Afrika Shrine and is commonly spotted having a rapport with his fans who are more of people who are very poor. Although, he is worth millions, he rarely flaunts his wealth.

4. 2Face Idibia:

He is one of Nigeria’s biggest music export, yet he is the most humble celebrities I’ve known so far. 2Face Idibia has made millions from his music and label, Hypertek.
The superstar despite his wealth and massive earnings, he doesn’t even show off at all and is so down to earth as well. He is also a philanthropist and has done a number of notable charity works.
It can be recalled that he recently chastised celebrities who love to flaunt their wealth on social media.

5. M.I:

M.I Abaga is definitely the richest rapper in the country today. But a lot of people wouldn’t know that if he didn’t show off his automobiles. But beside showing off his car, M.I rarely flaunts expensive stuffs like other celebrities.
The Choc City boss knows how to keep his lifestyle on the low which made it hard for a lot of people to believe he’s the richest Nigerian rapper. All in all, he doesn’t love to show off much.

6. 9ice:

Real name Abolore Akande, that singer who might have a loud mouth and call out people where he deems necessary but showing off isn’t one of his qualities.
The singer who recently delved into politics but didn’t go far with that also keeps a low profile about his worth. The singer has also performed at sold out concerts and was even one of the acts to perform at Nelson Mandela’s concert held in the U.K.

7. Funke Akindele:

She is one of the richest actress in the country today as she continues to produce her own movies and also act in them too. She is also the most hilarious female movie character I’ve seen in recent times.
The beautiful actress loves to keep her profile low as she doesn’t show off her wealth despite having several endorsements which are worth millions of Naira.
If you give me a movie from Nollywood which she stars in and a free ticket to a cinema of my choice; I would pick her movie and turn my home into the cinema!

8. DJ Jimmy Jatt;

He is Africa’s no. 1 Disc Jockey according to the last DJ competition held on the continent back in the 90s. Jimmy Jatt is that veteran who continues to stay relevant and the only DJ to have his own show that brings together all the top names in the country to perform.
He is one of the highest paid around but still doesn’t show off his wealth at all.

9. Banky W:

Real name Olubankole Wellington, is a Nigerian R&B artist. Besides just being an artist, he is also a record label executive and has made millions for himself and his label since he kick-started in the country after relocating to Nigeria.
He has had the pleasure of mentoring Wizkid, Skales and also made tons of cash while both acts were still signed to the label. Despite being rated as one of the top richest in the game, the singer just loves to keep a low profile as he doesn’t flaunt tons of cash or his several cars which we know will run into millions.

10. Kate Henshaw:

She is one of the longest serving Nollywood actress who maintains her relevance and hasn’t stopped being one of the top acts. Before a fire incident destroyed her Lekki home, the actress didn’t show off her wealth at any time and loves to keep it subtle.
She is estimated to be worth millions but yet has always kept a low profile.
Most times I just forget she exist until I stumble upon here on a TV station! That's her own way of keeping it low!

The list is endless but this is where I will stop now.
I am also preparing a list of those who SHOWOFF more than necessary so you are free to tune in again!

In the meantime, if you know someone else who should be in the above list just drop their names in the box.


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