Black Friday or Bad Friday

A lot of people have shared  their experiences about Black Friday with me and I decided to share mine and also listen to yours!

First of all, I stayed up till it was Friday morning just to be among the first to enjoy the Black Friday deals online!

Cool right? Trust me, I was highly disappointed!

I browsed for various items online and 98% of all the items were out of stock! The remaining 2% were items I wasn't even interested in buying!

My friend who had planned to make the most out of Black Friday called to tell me that the almighty Black Friday is just a scam!

I asked for proof and he said he had been monitoring SOME online malls and noticed that they increased the normal price of their items some weeks before the Black Friday Only to bring it down to the normal price on Black Friday. Some had to reduce the price of some irrelevant items just to make Black Friday deals look real.

I listened and tried hard to believe its not true!
After that, I saw similar complaint online and also heard people talking about it and I began to wonder if stores worldwide just decided to prank its customers!
It wasn't funny because I had saved a lot to spend on Black Friday deals only to be disappointed this much!


Well, you know what they say? Anything too good to be true; don't fall for it!
Good thing I didn't fall completely for it!

So what' your Black Friday experience?
Did you buy or did you not buy anything at an amazingly cheap price?

Lastly, did you survive the Black Friday stampede in on piece?


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