Face of the month

Hey everyone!
Me again.

I just realized that Christmas is just a few weeks away and that means there are lots of preparations and planning for everyone.

And so in the spirit of Christmas, I will take the advise of one of my readers and pick "Faces" to be monthly Face of my blog!

I think I am beginning to love this idea. I love it even more because this is the same period I won a lot of online photo contests which I have almost forgotten about.
They were all free to join of course, I can't afford to pay just to appear on someone's blog!

Seriously, I got a lot of exposure, connection and help simply because I was the face of a blog for a week! or sometimes a month!
I got my very own portfolio and a lot of people contacted me for different thongs (I only accepted the ones I could comfortably do). It was fun yet rewarding!

After that, I never had problem winning an online photo contest again because I got their back! All I needed to do was send them a message and they would reply with their support. Turned out hanging on someone's blog isn't such a bad idea after all.

In the same vein, I want to let you enjoy what I enjoyed.
But first, I want to know if you think its a good idea, so my mailbox is open and the comment box too; I will be accepting your opinion/suggestions now while I prepare for it.



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