How to manage addiction

I was watching a drug addict and I wondered what its like to be addicted to something.
Then I remembered that we are all addicted to something! It must not be drugs or alcohol, but there is something we have unusual craving for!

Addiction is when a person has no control over whether he or she uses a drug, drinks or anything.
It is when you have grown so used to something that you always want to have it.
Addiction can be physical, psychological, or even both.

Food can be an addiction, anger, social media, technology, pride, stinginess, jealousy, arrogance, gossip, books and many other things can also be an addiction.

Its good you know what you are addicted to; because that's when you can learn how to control your addiction!
For me, I know I am addicted to food (in a mild way though) and so I try to seek advice from others on how to manage my cravings!

My addiction now is not as much as it used to be because I have learn't to manage it!

Who said addiction cannot be managed?
No one is helpless, you just have to admit your addiction and learn to manage it.

So here are ways I know one can manage an addiction:

1. Identify the thing you're addicted to. is it drugs? food? a bad habit? or whatever it is, just make sure you realize it's an addiction, not just something you really like to engage in.

2. Find out why you want to stop or reduce the addiction.
Are the people around complaining?
Is the addiction affecting your health, emotions or mentality?
Or you can no longer live with it?
If you find out the need to manage your addiction then you are ready to control it.

3. Take gradual steps towards controlling your addiction and not the other way.
For example, as a food addict this is how I manage mine.

First, I make sure I have a balanced meal at the time I am supposed to have my breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Secondly, I stay away from places I know will be a calling for me to eat!

Thirdly, I make sure my friends and family knows I am trying to manage my addiction and they support me by keeping junk and tempting foods away from my sight!

Fourthly, I try as much as I can to resist the temptation. I make sure I ignore that voice telling me to try it just once and it won't hurt! Listening to that voice spoils every effort because I will end up going back to take another one claiming it won't hurt. Then I keep going back again and again for more.
I try to distract myself when the temptation comes by doing anything that can take my mind off food at that moment.

Fifthly, I try to be strict to myself in a good way.
If I let myself have that fat cake simply because it is appetizing then I am not helping myself.
But if I say no to the temptation even though I know I want it then I just did myself a huge favour.

Lastly, I make a list of all the reasons why I shouldn't eat unnecessarily after my usual meal.
I try to memorize the list to remind me to keep working my way up and I set a weekly goal to make sure I don't do something thing I might regret.

5. Keep reminding yourself that you can do it. It may be hard or even painful but just keep encouraging yourself by reminding yourself why you are doing it.
Believe in yourself. You can do it

6. We know that overcoming an addiction takes time but we have to be brave.
Just think of all the troubles your addictions have or will cause you then you will realize that you can go through it!

7. Talk to someone who can help and encourage you.
There are professionals and many others out there who can help you deal with your addiction.

8. Do not judge your addiction as bad or sinful, it only makes you feel guilty about your addiction and probably strengthen it.

Ok. I think that's it on how to manage addiction.

What do think?


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