What You Shouldn't Know About Breast Cancer

I have really been researching about this breast cancer stuff and I must confess that I am learning a lot I never knew!
I found out something and decided to share with you all.
In my previous post before my birthday posts; I talked about some things we should know about breast cancer. In this post, I'll talk about what you 'shouldn't know' about breast cancer.
I noticed that a lot of people have various misconception about it (including myself) and I saw a lot of information that can correct those misconceptions.

So here are five
things you
probably think about
breast cancer that is probably false and needs erasing from your memory:

1. Breast cancer affects only women:
I've always believed that only women get breast cancer. I am completely wrong. Men too can get breast cancer even though the chances is 100 times lesser than in women.
"92 percent of the tumours found in men that have breast cancer are caused by oestrogen and progesterone hormones which is naturally higher in women. However, breast cancer in women as a result of these hormone
account for 70 percent of breast cancers in them"- Sharon and Fatima Gordano BCFR.

The above statement is a proof that breast cancer is for both sex, so if you are a guy and feel you are safe; think again and always go for your checkup.

2. Breast cancer is only for the elderly:
Another misconception that is fast becoming accepted! Maybe its because we don't hear cancer as the COD when a young person dies. A lot of young people below the age of 40 are prone to having breast cancer. Researchers are studying the link between heredity and breast cancer in hope of gaining knowledge on the type of risk factors that expose certain people to them. The risk factor include race, ethnicity and lifestyle changes. As a young person, you may not be immune to breast cancer so check yourself always.

3. All breast cancers are the same:
This is not true. Breast cancer is a culmination of different diseases. The different types of breast cancer sub types includes
Luminal A
Luminal B
Triple Negative.
These sub types can also be further classified into smaller sub units which have different response to treatment and progression rates and thus, create more individualised treatment regimens.
So if you are thinking all breast cancer are the same: do some research and be exposed.

4. Breast cancers begin as lumps:
If this is true then we are 80% safe because anyone who discovers a lump will just rush to the hospital and be treated before it gets too serious. But there are various factors that are used in diagnosing breast
cancers asides the development of a lump. These signs include
irritation of the skin covering the breasts, inward inversion of the nipples, red or scaly skin surrounding the breasts and or
any type of discharge asides breast milk from the breast.
When you experience any of the above, go for a checkup and be sure. Don't just wait. Until you see a lump before you seek medical help.

5. Wire bras, deodorants, perfumes, creams etc can give you breast cancer:
Blah! Blah!! Blah!!! All our mothers would be dead by now then. A lot of them made use of all these and are still alive today!
Research shows that there is no correlation between wearing wire-bras, using creams and deodorants and breast cancer.
But research also shows that some content in a cream can cause cancer; its advisable you check all the ingredients used in making a cream before purchasing it.

While trying to correct all these misconceptions, remember to exercise when you can, take rich diet, self examine yourself and go for checkup if you can. These is known to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer and catching it early even though there is little knowledge concerning how other environmental factors increase the risk of having the disease.

Educate someone you feel should know this by sharing.

So tell me which misconception you have been holding unto? Mine is number 2 and 5.


  1. Woah.. I must confess that I am a victim of them all

  2. Nice information. Am sharing this now!

  3. I have been learning a lot from your blog.. Though I don't always drop comments.... Good job

  4. I love the title of this post! It makes you wonder what's in it thereby forcing you to click... So creative

  5. wow... i always thought its women only.. #goingForCheckup


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