Jobs available- VoguePay Nigeria

VoguePay is Nigeria's largest payment processor which allows you to make and accept payments online from other VoguePay members, e-tranzact or even visa card holders.

They are currently looking for a qualified candidate to fill in the post of a Fraudster Officer (cool huh?). This explains their zero tolerance for fraud!

The candidate should know it is a full time job located in Lagos.
He/she must have a BA/BSc/HND qualification with a 2 years experience (too bad, I can't apply).

He/she must also be a computer literate, have an excellent understanding of Internet surfing, and understands shopping on the internet (who don't know that? not with the way technology is going now).

Don't forget, you must have the ability to work independently and without direction to take initiative, make decisions, prioritize and meet deadlines.

How to apply-
Interested and qualified candidates should simply send their CV's and portfolio to with the email subject as VPFC15.



subject: VPFC15

body/content: find attached my CV/portfolio.

Attachments: CV/Portfolio


So simple.
What are you waiting for?

If you apply, let us know so we can start wishing you luck before you get called up!



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