Are there rules in creating a blog post?

This is a question a reader sent to my email (I will be back with a screenshot) and I decided to put it up here so other bloggers here can add something too.
First of all, are there rules in creating a blog post?
If you search the internet for rules in making posts, you
will see lots of results! Some will claim there are secrets to making posts which they can tell you if you pay a certain amount! The unfair thing there is after paying the said sum, you realize that the 'secret' is something you can figure out yourself!

When I started my blog; I was simply writing about myself and I loved writing. The reason I even set up the blog is because I needed an online diary where I can write stuffs I put in my paper diary.
I needed an online diary because I was tired of using a pen and paper, buying new books, protecting my diary, misplacing it, looking for places to keep it to avoid getting it soiled or even avoid having someone use it for something else!
I thought to myself; why not use the internet which cannot be misplaced, soiled or even thrown away soon! Then I set up my blog without any special training and I got to learn amazing things about creating a post on my own while playing around!
Back to the question. What are the rules in creating a post?
While most people blog because It’s their passion, others see it as a source of income. Either way, you have to be guided by something when thinking of making a post.
I will simply tell you the rules I follow and maybe you can learn something from them.

1. Adding a personal touch:
I have been writing for a while now and I've discovered that a post which has a touch of your emotions, thoughts or ideas are more engaging than normal posts you just write like a formal letter! Posts with this personal touch give the reader the impression that you are actually communicating with them. Readers enjoy posts that are like audio messages not an application letter to an employer! Express yourself in your posts and let readers see you through your post.

2. Uniqueness:
Be unique! Even as a human being you have to be unique to stand out. Why not apply that in your writing? You wouldn't know how fun it can be until you try it.
Make your posts original. Write them yourself. Even if you got it from someone, edit it so it will contain your thoughts too!
Copying and pasting posts exactly the way it is doesn't look cool. You just fill the internet with duplicate materials! People are tired of reading the same posts over and over again on every blog they visit. Blogging is not about having multiple posts, it’s about sharing something of value that can bring back your readers. A blog with just ten original yet valuable posts is more appreciated than one that is just a library of other bloggers’ posts!

3. Words and images:
The number of words contained in a post should be your choice.
For me I can write long posts and still have people read it to the end. The thing there is just to make the post interesting! Readers don't like long and boring posts. If it should be long, it should be interesting so one can read all through the end.
Secondly, remember to insert an image, it spice up your posts and makes it looks interesting.
You can create your own images (like I do most times) and add them to your posts.

4. Be creative:
Please, try as much as possible to be creative when writing your post. Being creative gives you unique posts. Think of something that interest people and creatively make a post of it. You can also address certain issues at the same time! Just be creative, you must know something that others don’t know. So why not write it out in a creative manner and share with your audience.

5. Captivating and meaningful titles:
Try not to write a title different from your content, use daring titles that can captivate anyone to open your post. For example, if your post will talk about how to brush your teeth, try something like "do you think you can brush your teeth?" or "what is tooth brushing?" whatever you want you can use, just make it provoke the person to open the post. But don't try to deviate from the content.

6. Researching:
Lastly, researching is very important because it gives you update on the information you want to share.
Researching your post ideas before writing gives you more ideas on the topic you are writing about. . It also helps you in choosing the right keywords to use for search engine optimization (the popular SEO), which attracts lots of readers to your posts.
You can research by looking up the topic online or reading books. Researched topics gives your post a professional look. So try it out.

That's it!
Now you can start posting as often as you want.
Note that these rules are not mandatory for everyone. Just do things you know will give you quality posts you need.

I want to hear your own opinion so just leave a comment.
Other bloggers can drop other rules I may have missed.



  1. well said. i love uniqueness, it really makes you stand out!

  2. yeah... creativity is the key

  3. I hate copy and paste! please stay away from it the best way you can


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