Ten Awesome Nigerian Artistes

Recently, I have been taking Nigerian artists so serious (I have no idea why) and I noticed a lot of things!
While some are cute, some are super cute, some are fun, some are hilarious, some are totally amazing and others are just artists!

Whatever the case, there are some people I totally admire their music!
I can't sit still if I hear their music playing anywhere and I tend to grab their dance moves when I get a glimpse of the video!

So, I sat down and came up with my list of Nigerian artists I think are really doing cool stuffs with music! I also added my favorite song (which is one of their latest hits) by each of them!

The list is in no particular order so just read through and remember you can create your own list in the comment box.

1. Phyno:

Favourite song- Connect

I made him number one because he is actually the number one artist that made me love music more!
He is that Igbo dude who sings and raps with his dialect and leaves shivers running up and down your spine when his music is playing.
Most times when I listen to his song, I always hold the replay button because I can't just get enough.
I can't dance well to most of his songs but I still love listening and enjoying it.
He has featured a lot of other songs which are super awesome, collected awards and is also promoting #MadeOfBlack (even though he is nowhere near black lol!).
If you don't have any of his songs you let me know so I can send you one! Trust me, you will love it!

2. Olamide:

Favorite song- Shakiti Bobo!

This dude is one person I love dancing to his music even though I don't know the meaning of the lyrics!He sings with a touch of his dialect and that's what makes it cool. His songs are those ones you always hear at a party or club and see people doing a particular dance move to it!
If you can do the zombie dance then you must be a fan!

My friends termed it zombie dance cause its kinda looks like a zombie move!
If you haven't listened to his song then you have got to look for one and see what I mean!

3. Wizkid:

Favorite song: Baba Nla

This is an artist I enjoy his music since the days of #HollaAtYourBoy
Whenever I hear a new track from him; I rush to get it because I know its worth listening to! Especially the latest hits now!

4. Di'ja:

Favourite song- Awww

She is cute, pretty and cute! With a nice voice too. I love her music and I wish she would do more singles because a lot of people appreciate that more!

5. Davido

Favorite song- Dodo

This is an artist who wait for his fans to stretch their ears before dropping a track! He features in a lot of songs but he takes his time before dropping his!
As long as he knows what he is doing, it makes sense to me.

6. Lil Kesh:

Favourite song- Gbese re

Seriously, I only knew of his existence in the music industry when Shoki was making wave!

Now that's another zombie-like dance! lol

7. Yemi Alade:

Favourite song: Kissing

She is one of my favourite female artists and I really love her fashion sense! She uses native attire to creatively make a cute outfit! She always appears with something different and awesome! Seriously, I must see her fashion designer! We need to make a deal.
She is a good singer too and her songs are making lots of sense!

8. Patoranking:

Favorite song- Make am

I noticed him after he dropped "Girlie'o" and since then I have been on the look out for new release and I must say that he is really doing something with music.

9. Kiss Daniel:

Favourite song- Laye

The "woju" master is always bringing mind blowing tracks to our screens! And later bring amazing artists to feature in the track and make it even more mind blowing (Nice strategy)!
I don't think I have heard much of his songs; but the little I have heard made me want to go back for more!

10. Miss Kedike:

Favourite song- If e no b God

One thing I love about her is her voice! Its so natural and I don't have to strain my voice when I try to sing along!
I think she knows her stuff and how to go about it! Sounds col to me!

Okay, that's my own list of ten Nigerian artists I think are making Nigerian music worth listening to!

I want to see your list.
Or what do you think about mine?


  1. Lol.. Zombie dance move? I see u

  2. Nice. I agree with the list!

  3. No Tiwa Savage? or married people aren;t allowed!

  4. Hmmmmm.. Gimme a minute lemme get my own list!

  5. my list!
    Flavour, tekno, cynthia, korede and dr sid!

  6. Harrysong, favorite song, regea blues!


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