How To Configure Psiphon For Mtn Music Plus Latest Free Browsing

Hey everyone, I just learnt how to configure Mtn music+ settings for psiphon (courtesy of my neighbor) and I decided to share (you know I love sharing).

So this is how you can configure Mtn music+ browsing on your Psiphon.
First of all, download the psiphon app if you don't have it.

Next, send "Music" to "5900"
Go back to the downloaded psiphon and set it as follows
Proxy type-real host
Real Proxy type-inject
Host address-
Port 8080
Then safe and start connecting.

So simple yet amazing.
You won't believe how much I enjoy it till you try it.

Secondly, I will show you the new method to renew your MTN Music+ Free 150mb before it expires.
1. Instead of Cancel7D - Text Music to 5900
2. Then wait for the reply and send D again to 5900.
3. Check your balance with *556*2#, 150MB should smile to you then.

That is new way for you to renewing the 150MB over and over.
Enjoy it while it last


New Mtn Music Plus Working For Free On Both Xp Psiphon And Syphonshield Or Psiphon handler The Data capped With 150mb daily For Free...The Music Plus Is Now Working Back Since Yesterday Till Now

So Don't Miss This Small Cheat By MTN... And you Can also Get the 150mb by 15naira only If The 150mb is To Small For You.. But you can Use the 150mb As Free Testing..  This 150mb is free. And this is How you can Get  It.... Goto your text messages send k to 5900 after sending You Will Be Giving Free 150mb For 7days

To Confirm This Data Just dail *559*2# To confirm Your Data package 
After You Have Seen This Data Just Open Your Psiphon Or Xp Psiphon 
Configure The Settings Above 

Psiphon Handler With Mtn Music Plus Data Cheat Settings For Free Browsing  2016

Latest Mtn MusicPlus Free Browsing Code And Renewal
Mtn Musicplus used to rock some months ago, until it was blocked from unlimited browsing and downloading. However, I'm pleased to announce that MTN Musicplus cheat is rocking again on MTN sims now. To enjoy unlimited MTN free browsing and downloading experience, why don't you activate 2016 MTN Music Plus free MB cheat?

There is no need for the former mtn music plus cheat settings, where you have to send ID, I or D as SMS to 5900 or that blocked trick where you bomb MTN network using SMS auto-scheduler. This new MTN 150mb cheat is very easy and fast for browsing and downloading.

How To Configure MTN Music Plus Browsing Cheat With Psiphon
The first step is to click here to download Psiphon 108 Handler or other higher siphon Handler versions

==> MTN music plus Settings for Psiphon

Proxy Type: Real Host Or Dual Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
Real Proxy Port: 80

==> Save the settings above and choose either 'Best Performance' or 'United States' as your Region option
==> Click on 'More Option' to open up another series of configuration settings
==> Select 'Connect Through Http Proxy' box

Host Address:
Port: 8080

==> Navigate back and connect to access the internet.

Comment if you are enjoying it like I am!


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