Top eight people you should have

Just yesterday my friend and I were arguing over the need to surround yourself with people. She was of the opinion that you must not have people around you to be successful! Good point, but its good you have a group of people around just in case.
As human beings, we must be in need of help or mentor ship at any time. In order not to be stranded you have to be surrounded by some people who you can lean on in time of distress or who you can simply get something from.

The world is too complicated to tackle by yourself. Even you who think you are good on your own can't handle it alone.
As someone aiming to be successful you need to surround yourself with friends that compliment you. Two minds are better than one. One person can not be good at everything and that's why you need these people:

1. Someone connected:
Have you ever thought of getting something like a visa, coupon, discount, job, admission or anything at all and it looked impossible until someone steps in and fast forward the procedures and you got it easier?
If yes, then that person is "the connected". Everyone needs such person.
Whether you are trying to throw a party at sheraton or looking for a nice hotel for your event and the price you are given is something else, you just picked your phone and called a friend who talks to the management who slashes the price and you get a discount; that friend is connected.
Same thing if you want that federal government job, bank job or even oil company job and you place a call to someone to help secure it for you; you just spoke to mr connected.
No matter what it is, after you have made your request to God he would probably send someone connected to you.
Well… you see where I am going with this. The connected person is a vital member. So its important you have someone like that in your circle because these people have the hookups and are usually the social elites. You just have to know the game.

2. The Bodyguard:
Not necessarily someone who follows you about to protect you. All of us have, at one point or another, gotten into a mess we can't fix or maybe we come in contact with someone who isn't taking us serious. That’s where the "bodyguard" comes in.
This person can be a gentle and loving individual, but when you walk into a place with him, you mean business. They are usually tall, muscular and mean looking. These are the kind of people you meet at the gate of clubhouses or event venues as bouncers. This is the kind of person you walk in with and command respect. They are not always needed but its good you have one around in case the need for one arise.

3. A listener:
This is a must have for everyone whether successful or not. Everyone needs to talk or blab most times, and you must have a friend that loves to listen to you blabbing. Its not like you are taking advantage of this person, its just the person's personality.
For someone like me, I enjoy being the person you can come up to whenever you have issues. This person will be the one to listen to all of your blabbing even when your close ones don’t wish to listen. They always feel significant listening to you and giving advice where necessary. If you are ever in need of a listening ear, you can always run to them and rant away because they are always willing to hear.

4. The life coach:
This person is the opposite of your listening friend. They will give you little time to rant. They are only helpful when you are down and in need of motivation and an extra kick. Such people ensure you are focused and that's why you need them. We have days when we feel worthless or even out of place. This is the person that has advice on every topic that bugs you. He will always have a story to share, or someone he knows that went through the same thing. These people are "encyclopedia of inspiration" so they shouldn't leave your circle.

5. Someone challenging:
Its not everyone who gives or says something that genuinely cares about you. There are people who can be too worried about hurting your feelings to challenge you. But having someone challenging is awesome because this friend can be brutally honest without remorse and let you know where you are going wrong. If you find yourself needing a reality check, this person will let you know whats up. Such friend will challenge you to get your priorities straight and hold you accountable. They don't hide their opinions in order not to make you feel bad! Instead, they tell you straight to your face and let you know the gravity of your actions.
Do yourself a favour and have one of these, even if you are scared of criticism.

6. The MoneyBag:
No offense but am pretty sure everyone needs a wealthy friend even if you are wealthy too.
Always remember that they didn't get their money by sleeping. Let them be a source of inspiration to you in your quest for "legal" wealth. These people tend to know the difference between someone that is genuine and someone that is in for the free ride.
These kind of friend have people who would want to give you that job or admission just to please him. An example is my friend whose Dad knew the Vice Chancellor of a school who was ready to admit all his kids, friend's kids and even relation's kids just to be on his white list!
Note that these people are thirsty for genuine friendship. If you prove your sincerity then they have got your back. They can go out of their way to please you, and they will surely bring their money with them. These people may be your ticket to a lot of things so just have them around.

7. The up-to-date friend:
These people know everything that's going on in and around the universe! Most times they can even get a glimpse of Heaven and report it to you! These are the people who call to tell you about a job they stumbled upon which you might be interested in, or even to tell you that an admission list in your school of choice has been released! These people are good to have around because you never know when they will update you with a life changing information.

8. The fixer/helper:
This is the person you run to for all things broken, busted, or in need of an upgrade. They probably know lots of things you have to pay good money for. They may know how to install that system software, or even a new equipment that you just purchased! They will be able to fix your plumbing or help make your hair. These people have an infinite wealth of knowledge that will be your go-to person whenever you are stuck with a project.
They can do almost anything and take little or nothing in return.
You may not understand their worth until you are always going in and out of a place where you spend a lot of money.

Those are the people you ought to equip yourself with. You may even be one of the above listed. So simply check yourself and know people you need in your circle before you go out to make these friends. Be sure you know what role you will be playing in the group.
Just be smart. Its not about taking advantage of anyone, its about creating a network of friends who will be of help to each other in one way or the other.

I will love to know what you think in the comment box!


  1. lol... i really need someone whose ears are as large as those listeners'

  2. i am a coach so all i need is helper, listener, challenger etc

    1. nice. goodluck finding the rest of your circle

  3. i love your blog. it covers a lot from advice, relationship, health to even diet. why dont you include entertainment?

    1. Thanks. I am currently working on that now.

  4. I need a challenger pleaseeeeeee! who is interested????


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