What guys need to know before meeting a girl

These are another complicated specie (after women). They may know or not know what they want. They may also know or not know how to get it.
GIRLS are one thing that bothers these specie on how to get (aside salvation and/or money).

When it comes to getting a girl a guy want; it may be easy or impossible depending on the kind of guy he is.
I have seen guys who don't even know what they want. They messed up so badly! Wooed the wrong girl and later realize its not what they want then they run away.
If you are a guy, you know the girl you want but not sure how to get what you want then you have to try this.

Please guys, your first approach or impression is something you should work on before going to make a fool of yourself in front of her.
I have seen guys who are rejected by guys because of the way they approached her. Plus, the girl may lose the respect she have for them. Its not like you didn't do your best, its just that you didn't know how to put your best (riddle me that pun!).
Its good you know some things you should or shouldn't do before approaching her.
Here are some of the things you need to have in mind when trying to impress her;
1. Don't throw awkward or lustful glances at her:
its good you admire her but not to the extent of making her uncomfortable! I've been with guys who kept peeping at me and I began wondering if I appeared too bright that he can't look directly at me! It made me uncomfortable and I kept checking if I was wearing anything wrong.
That's a bad attitude guys. If you want to stare at her, do that maturely and not as if you are scared. If you are shy then you can just look at her for a while and take off your eyes (don't do that when she looks back at you, it shows you feel insecure).
Don't stare absentmindedly, she may get the wrong message.

2. Be sure you are freshened up before going to meet her: some guys don't check their body or mouth odour before meeting a girl and they tell me she would accept them like that if she loves them. That's a wrong assumption! Some girls start tripping when they notice your neatness (like I do). Personally, I love neat dudes. I feel bad when I have to hold my breath when having a conversation with someone. That is a big turn off. So work on your hygiene before working on your lines.

3. Work on your speech:
being good at english is cool. If you know you suck at it then do yourself a favour and stick to the language you can speak fluently to avoid embarrassing yourself! I know a guy who knew he couldn't make a complete english statement correctly. When he approached a girl, he resolved to speaking pidgin. I think the girl appreciated that because they suddenly clicked. Bad Vocabulary can turn SOME girls off. I would even appreciate it if you chat me up using our dialect. if you really must use english; then work on it before you end up murdering english.

4. Dress responsible: its not only when it comes to alcohol that you have to drink responsibly! If you want to address a girl, check your outfit before walking up to her. Some girls can weigh your outfit and know what you are worth. Some can just take one look at you and conclude you are a hooligan. Others may assume you are not up to their taste!
Please guys, if you want to impress her then you have to look good! You must not appear in designers overall before you look good. You can take whatever clothes you have and wear them responsibly.
My neighbour in school will never cease to amaze me! You will never believe he has just six pair of jeans and a handful of shirts! But when he steps out each day I wonder if he has some clothes he hides somewhere. He always appears neat, smart and responsible even with the little clothes he has! If someone like that walks up to me, I won't have a problem enjoying his company.
Though not all girls notice your appearance at first, its good you check yourself well so you avoid been an object of ridicule.

5. Act maturely:
even if you are not matured, you can act maturely when talking to her. If you want to draw her attention, do not do that carelessly (don't try to whistle or make funny noises just to draw her attention. Its irritating). When you are with her, act like a gentleman (even if you are not). Make her enjoy your company and want to see more of you. Don't frustrate her with immature attitude because that may be the last you will see of her.

6. DO NOT involve a third party (eg friends): some guys act funny a times. They know they want a girl yet they send their friends or go through her friends to get her. This is risky because a lot of things are involved. You are only creating a Nollywood script if you do that. Dramas start unfolding and friends start losing trust. I know a guy who asked his friend to get a girl he has a crush on for him. His friend dutifully stalks the girl and got a chance to talk to her. He told her about his friend and everything else. She accepted to meet his friend and they set up a date. They all show up (the girl, the guy and his friend). After chatting for a while she simply said she couldn't date someone who isn't bold enough to come to her and express his feelings! And it turns out she is already crushing on his friend. After a long argument, the guy left feeling his friend had betrayed him. But his friend only did what he was told. In this case you can only blame the guy who sent his friend! Same thing may happen if you go through her friends. They may start crushing on you and may want you to forget her. Such moves can create problem between friends so just respect yourself and go to her yourself!

7. Using alcohol as a confidence builder:
This is common among immature guys who feel they have lost self
confidence. Some feel they are too timid and are scared of approaching ladies, and then they resolve to alcohol to boost self esteem! That's a wrong move because you are faking self esteem and this will leave you vulnerable when you meet her "unplanned". Instead of taking alcohol, why not boost your self esteem yourself? Do things you know will build your ego and leave alcohol out of your to-do list before meeting her.

8. DO NOT show off too much:
Guys please, stop showing off. Some girls don't care how many accounts, cars or houses you have! You must not rub your wealth in their faces. Some girls are turned off when you start showing that you have riches and trying to prove to her that if she accept you money won't be a problem!
Its good she knows you can carter for her needs, but its unnecessary making a show out of it. You are not helping! You are only making the friendship have money as its foundation!
Personally, I feel irritated when a guy tries to show off and thinks he is making me fall for him. Yesterday, I took my nephews to get a haircut and I met a guy who had also come to get a haircut. He saw my nephews and loved them. After getting his haircut, he waited for us to get ours done. From there he took us to an eatery across the street and bought ice creams for us. I don't know if he was trying to play smart but he made sure he avoided getting me to talk in his little conversation with my nephews. After a little while, he picked his phone and dialed a number. Here we go again! I knew what he was up to and I was fully prepared for him. The other person picked and they started talking. Suddenly he started asking the other person for his money, he claimed he had something urgent to do with the money and he needed it soon! He made sure that he yelled the said amount to my hearing thinking I will be swept off my feet knowing I was seating with someone who can lend some else such amount. After making his call and feeling satisfied that he had impressed me, I smiled at him and continued gulping my ice cream trying to control the anger rising inside me. I kept asking myself what do guys actually take us for? Do they think every girl would melt at the sound of money? Do they feel our parents don't have the money they are flaunting? Or do they think we can be bought over with money? I was so angry I felt like screaming how he just made me dislike him and leaving the table for him! But I just kept staring at my ice cream and finding solace in it. He kept throwing awkward glances at me to know what I would do and then I surprised him and picked up my phone to dial my friend's number. She picked and I turned on the loudspeaker.
Me: "how much are you owing me?" She: "what?"
Me: "the guy sitting with me now wants to know how much you owe me". At this point she already knew what I was doing and she played along (my friends and I always place call to each other when we try to prove something to someone and we easily know when its a prank call).
She mentioned the amount and it turned out to be almost twice the amount he had asked his friend to pay back.
Me: "thank you. You can keep the money"
She: "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Are you serious?"
Me: "you heard me, don't bother paying me back"
She: "thank you, thank you! Ohhhhhh how will. . . . .. .. .. .."
I hung up. I didn't let her say anything else.
I didn't bother looking at him. I just picked up my unfinished ice cream, carried my nephew and excused myself. I ran home without looking back. I wanted to reach home before I explode. I finally got home, jumped on my pillow and started pounding it. I kept praying to finish school without a problem and start something where I would be getting my own money so that guys would stop feeling like they can blow me with their wealth!
If you don't want a girl to start feeling irritated don't show off too much. Although, some girls would want to see the cash so they can start living off you! Its good you don't show off!
The annoying thing is that its those who don't even have much that flaunt it most. Save yourself and stop rubbing your wealth in our face!

I thinks that's all you should know now.
So guys, what's your most embarrassing moment with a girl?
Girls, what are those things guys do that turn you off?


  1. As a girl number 8 is my greatest turn off! Seriously, what are they feeling like?

  2. Hmmmmmmmm.... Looks like I will try some of these!

  3. I just develop hatred for any guy who thinks he has it all

  4. All This one na push aside, U need to read Magical Tactics by Mack Raymond

  5. My most embarrassing moment was when a girl hissed so long at me I wondered if she is human. Till now, I don't know what I did

    1. Hehe. You didn't hiss too and show her who's boss?

  6. At this point, I don't need girls

  7. Woah. Eddy, you are the 3rd person saying this today! Not bad

  8. I have decided not to be moved by girls anymore


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