What's The Best Way To Cheat On Your Spouse Without Getting Caught?

"Seriously being married and staying married are two distant relatives". That was the first thing she said as soon as we opened the door!

I went to see a friend and it happened that her sister had packed her things from her husband's house and moving back to her parents. She also looked like she was set to file a divorce!

We were sitting and chatting when we heard a loud knock!
At first we hesitated but then it grew louder and we both made for the door at the same time!
We opened the door to see an angry young lady with luggages which showed she had packed a lot out of wherever she was coming from. She came in and kept ranting about men and a lot of things about unfaithfulness. She was visibly shaken but she tried to control herself.
After cursing and whining, she simply asked us "What's the best way to cheat on your spouse without getting caught?" The question threw us off balance because that was an unexpected one coming from a married lady. She asked again and no one seem to give an answer so she disappeared into a room.

After she left I kept asking myself the same question and I realized something.

Unlike a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship, being caught cheating by your spouse is something so unforgivable and unforgettable. Your marriage may never remain the same again, no matter how much you try to fix things.
Trying to fix things up may even result to more problems.
You lose your spouse's trust, respect, regard, love and many others.
At a point you could be forgiven but the sin will never be forgotten. Whatever you do, he or she will want to remind you about your unfaithfulness!
I have seen a wife who yelled at her husband simply because he winked at the waitress! She claimed that he wants to start his cheating lifestyle again right in front of her! If you witness such scene, you will conclude that the man has been unfaithful to his wife who knows all about it. He may think she has forgotten about it since he'd been forgiven; but she brought it up at the slightest provocation!

So simply put, the best way to cheat on your spouse without getting caught is NOT to cheat at all!

In a marriage, cheating should never be an option!
No matter how bad your partner is treating you, don't look for solace elsewhere (except of course you want to involve God!).
Try and make it work yourself; with your partner and not involving a third party because when you were getting ready for your marriage it was just the two of you in the picture! Why bring in a strange face to appear in the picture?
If u can't continue, leave but never resort to cheating. It not only hurts the other person, it also taints your image.
The person you cheated on will forever remember that you cheated on him or her and may have little or no respect for you.
Why not keep your dignity, and rise above cheating cause it is an insult to your person!

Staying faithful doesn't hurt! Its fun if only you can try it.
I have seen faithful couples and I envy and enjoy their beautiful marriage and lifestyle. They grow old happily and healthily together. They have little or nothing to worry about cause they've got each others trust, support and love. You lose all that when your spouse catch you cheating!

Imagine waking up each day to find the same person cheating on you lying next to you? It may not be pretty.

So why not try a better option, remain faithful so you can live happily ever after!

What do you think?


  1. Do people still cheat now.?? What do they stand to gain?

  2. Why cheat when you can have fun with your spouse?

  3. To me cheating doesn't make any sense at all!

  4. Guys cheat more. If we have less guys who cheat then marriage will be all blissful 😊

    1. Exactly guys cheat more and see it as nothing. But if A girl shows little sign of flirting then she is doomed.

  5. What are these two girls blabbing up there please?

  6. I want to live happily ever after! Who is with me??

  7. Gift And Anna, please don't be one sided. Just be honest and tell me who cheats more.

  8. Girls cheat more #fact

  9. Whether it's girls or guys that cheat more, it's not a problem. The fact still remains that cheating is involved

  10. Who run run the world? Girls


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