Top Ways To Get Content For Your Blog

Creating a blog is one thing, getting contents to post is another.

I hear some bloggers say they are out of post to make and I just laugh out loud.
This may be caused by choosing a wrong niche or depending on copying and pasting from other bloggers.

Finding and creating content can be a challenge or not a challenge depending on how you place yourself.
A good number of the topic you choose to write on may have been written on by someone else. So it is important you try to make your content stand out.

Getting content for your blog can be done in two ways.

Here's how you can get that:

1. External sources
- Offline sources eg Research materials like magazines, journals, books etc.
- Online sources eg Websites like Wikipedia, yahoo answers, search engines etc and blogs.

2. Internal sources
- You, your thoughts and experiences.
- Friends, family, neighbors etc.

I will briefly explain the above.

1. External sources:
This simply means getting content from external sources like journals, magazines, books etc. Which are offline sources.
For example, I may come across a nice article on a newspaper and want to say my own opinion about it. What I would do is to read it, summarize it and say my opinion.
Now what did I just do? I just  got myself a post containing my opinions too.
You may start the post by saying
"I found this article in  a newspaper and I think I have a different opinion to that" then drop the summary and your opinion. At the end, you can also ask your readers for their own opinion.
You can also critique an article you find in a magazine or a book and post it on your blog .

For online sources, you only need a working Internet connection and a means to connect to it.
Simply go to Wikipedia or any search engine and check out things you are interested in writing on. Pick the ideas and strong points and start building your own post.
Don't just lift the whole article from Wikipedia or other websites and place it in yours, just pick necessary points and work on them.

2. Internal sources:
These are offline sources too but they come from your circle.
Look at yourself, your thoughts and experiences, is there anything you can share?
It could be your opinion about the situation of your nation, a bad experience you want others to avoid or a tutorial about something you can do.
All these are what you can develop as posts.

Getting post ideas from your friends or family is so simple.
If you have someone who has lost a partner, sit with the person and find out his or her experience after losing the partner. Find out the treatment received from in-laws and others.
After the conversation, you will find out you have just gotten a first hand information about treatment such people receive from others.
Go on to develop it as a post and watch visitors rushing to it because a lot of people are writing and searching on that.

Post ideas can come from the Church too.
You could hear an interesting sermon you want to share and add your own opinion. Simply develop it and make it a post.

Seminars, events, weddings, birthdays etc are also sources of post ideas.
I once wrote a post about Wedding Cakes and Wedding Cupcakes, that post was inspired by a wedding I attended!
Don't just go to events simply because you were invited! go there, observe and notice things you can comment on.

Two things should guide you when building on a post:

1. Quality contents-
Everyone knows that the quality of your content must be good.
You have to be as relevant and accurate as you can, do your research well and avoid giving misleading contents.
Write what you know and watch the words flow easily because you are comfortable with the topic you are writing about.
That is why it is necessary to write about topics you know.

2. Unique contents-
This is the second thing to note aside quality content.
Writing a quality content may be easy but making it unique is where the work lies.
I can go online and copy someone's quality content to my blog but that doesn't make it unique.
Creating unique posts involve standing out and making your post different from others (check previous post on how to create engaging and unique posts).

Getting post ideas shouldn't be a problem if you do what's necessary.
Plagiarism is not cool because your readers may get bored seeing the same posts they have read elsewhere on your blog. This may be discouraging and can cause readers to stop coming back.
Secondly, Google may not love your blog the way they love the blog you copied from.

What do you think?


  1. Correct, I always stress on quality and uniqueness

  2. Well said.
    Please make a post on how to open a blog from the scratch.

    I am sure some people will find it useful.


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