Benefits Of Online Payment Transactions

Everyone (individual or business) is looking for ways to comfortably, safely and securely pay and receive money without jumping in and out of the bank.
Personally, I dislike going to the ATM to make a transfer.
It can be stressful and annoying!
Stressful when you have to queue up just to use the ATM and annoying when it gets to your turn and you can't withdraw or transfer!

I complained to my neighbour about it and he said I should try e-transaction where I just need to register with any platform online and be able to transfer and receive money from my room!

At first I wasn't cool with the idea but when I got another frustrating experience with the ATM, I had to give it a try!

So I registered with Africa's biggest payment processor and I have been enjoying the smooth experience.

No more queuing up, getting rejected by machines or moving about with a bulky purse!
I am beginning to understand the need for this cashless policy.

Recently, I went to a friend's party and we were stranded after the party because we had to hang around to make sure everything was cleared before leaving.
There was no means of getting a transport so we had to pass the night in the hotel.
They had no POS and we didn't have enough money to pay for rooms for all of us! And the hotel insisted on two persons per room!
We emptied our pockets but it wasn't enough. I remembered my online account and asked for their account number, the receptionist gave me hers and I transferred the money to her.
She got the alert immediately and we all left to our rooms with our money!

That was one of the coolest moments I had enjoyed because my friends kept throwing glances at me and each of them waiting for the other to ask me how I did it!

After a while someone simply said "do you use online banking?" I simply laughed and told them about Africa's biggest payment processor and they all brought out their phones to register even before I finished explaining!
Who doesn't want to safe himself when a hotel is trying to make you sleep outside?
Or even pay for something you come across when you have little cash with you?

Aside individuals, there are several institutions that can use online payment and enjoy the experience. They include:

1. Religious Institutions.
2. Online Stores.
3. Mobile Apps.
4. Schools and Colleges.
5. Forex Traders.
6. E-commerce Sites.
7. Bulk Sms Sites
8. Educational Institutions.
9. And so on.

Trust me, I have been using it and I have benefited a lot.

The benefits of using an online payment processor include:
1. Safe and secure online transactions.
2. Fast payment receipt and transfer.
3. Easy to use for online shopping.
4. No long queuing up for ATM withdrawal.
5. You can access anything worldwide online, purchase and pay for it immediately. .
6. Carrying bulky money in your purse will not be a problem because they are all in your phone.
7. And so on.

I am just saying because I really enjoy the experience of making transactions without running to the bank!
In case you are looking for a safe and secure online payment processor, try VoguePay .
It's unique online payment processor offers buyers and sellers a secure and easy-to-use means of transacting business online.

By distinguishing itself from other online payment processors, its boast array of features that are guided by its values.

There are a lot of other online payment processors, you just have to pick the one that suits you.

Do you have any you are using now or intend to use?
Let us know in the comment box.


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