How To Answer Interview Questions

My friend had just finished an interview and rushed to our house to narrate her experience.
She was shaking when I opened the door so I had to hold her hand and lead her to the chair. She sat down an was mute for seven minutes! When she found her voice she said she just finished a job interview and she is not sure she had done too well.
According to her; there were some interview question she didn’t prepare herself for and her mind went blank several times. At a point she would blab the first words she could find and desperately make sentences out of them.

After the interview she went through her answers and realized some answers didn't make much logical sense! She felt like going back inside and asking for another interview!
I simply asked her why she had not prepared well before going to the interview and she said she only mastered the basic interview questions and felt she would definitely have an answer to any other question they will ask her!
I admired her courage but I felt she didn't give in all her effort in preparing for it.

Okay, if I am called for an interview, what are the most common interview questions that may be asked?
After she left, I imagined myself preparing for an interview and I decided to go throgh her questions and see what my answers would be.

So here are some questions I picked and decided to share.

1. What are your salary expectations?
I made this question the first one because it was the one that got me thinking for a long time.
I feel it is a tricky question because mentioning your salary is a tough and delicate matter. You may say something less than the worth of the position or even higher!
So if I am going for a position; I would ask questions before hand to know what people in that position accept as pay.
But on the other hand; the interviewer may just want to know if your salary is your priority.
Whatever the case, just try to emphasize that handling the job is more important than the salary (even if it may not be). If you have to skip the question please do because you may not like the aftermath.
When the job is finally given to you; you can now negotiate your way because you are certain the job is yours!

2. Say something about yourself:
This is a question you should expect almost immediately you are seated before the interviewer. The answer gives the interviewer an opportunity to know you as a person through what you say and how you deliver it.
Before going for the interview, you should work on your introduction and memorize it if possible.
You know first impression matters so just be polite, brief and straightforward.
For me, introducing myself should start with basic information like my name, status, origin, work experience, education, temperament (very important) and other little things that are relevant to the position your are seeking.

3. Why do you want to work with us?
Here the interviewer just want to know how much you know about the company, their goal, culture, values and vision.
Look at the Company's motto, goal or vision and get your answer from there. For example, if their motto is something like "bringing satisfaction your way" then your answer should be something like "I always strive to ensure satisfaction of people that's why I want to be a part of this team"
Just be honest with yourself and the interviewer. That's why picking a job you can do comfortably is better than jumping into something that will put you in a tight corner!

4. What is or are your greatest accomplishments?
It is good you mention an achievement that applies to the position you are seeking.
For example, if you applied for the post of a fraud officer, you can mention how you successfully handled a fraudulent act in school, previous job, at home or even with friends!
Just be smart!

5. What are your weaknesses?
At first glance, this seems tricky.Your weakness doesn't mean something you suck at. Don't start saying laziness, greed, pride etc, you are not been honest but ruining your chances! No one wants to employ a lazy, greedy or arrogant fellow!
Just be sure you don't mention things that are in line with the company. For instance if you are applying for the post of a chef and you mention glutton as your weakness then you are gone because a food company would not want to employ someone who would eat everything they produce for their customers.
If you must mention a particular weakness then you must state how you intend to manage it.

6. Why did you leave your last job?
Very tricky question!
This question is only for those who had a previous job. If this is your first job application simply let them know it is your first.
Please don't go ahead blabbing how unhappy your previous job made you! Give a positive answer like it didn't suit your career goals. You can also mention that your previous company had relocated elsewhere and you couldn't go with them.
Your reply should convey the message that your previous job enhanced some skills which will be relevant to the current job position. Let the interviewer know that this current job provides a better environment for your career goals.

7. What are your strengths?
You should go through the company’s profile and know what qualities they are looking for and make them your strengths.
For example, most companies need a hardworking, fluent, smart, and outspoken person. You can mention these as your strengths and add other things you are good in.

8. What would you like to be doing some years from now?
Before applying; you should know if the company’s prospects are what you want for yourself, and whether it will meet your long-term career objectives.
This question may be asked just to know if you have plans of fleeing to the next job once you are bored (a lot of people do that).
The interviewer may ask just to know your long term goals so just be smart and honest.

9. Why should you be hired?
At this point you may want to say your skills, experience, education and your personality as related to the job. For example, if you applied for the post of a language teacher; you may want to let them know how fluent you are in speaking and teaching the language. Also mention your energy, patience and passion in handling the students.
Whatever you say, just make sure it is in line with showcasing your skills towards the their good.

10. Why did you apply for this particular position?
Be honest and tell them the things you love about the position.
Don’t start by letting them know you just need something to get you away from home! Many companies need committed people not just people trying to make ends meet.
Once you know why you want the job, you can give an answer related to how well you will fit into the position.
For example, if you applied to be a marketer and you love communicating with people especially to convince them, you may have a point to give.
Let them know your special skills (relating to the job) and convince them that you’ll fit in very well.

11. Do you have any question to ask?
Be free and bold when replying to this question because it is usually the last and you have to say something on your own.
You can say yes or no. But its better to say yes. Interviewers love candidates who ask intelligent questions. Don't ask sarcastic or rhetorical questions.
Just coin something from the company and your interest and make it a question. You can even ask about their working hours or anything you wish to know.
just be smart and creative.
After you get an answer, you can thank the interviewer for the opportunity and maybe express your enthusiasm about the job.

Now that the interview is over; you can go over your answers again and probably weigh your chances of getting the job.
At this point, Praying is also a good option!

Okay, the above questions are common questions one should expect in an interview.
Do you know of any?
Please share in the comment box if you do.


  1. If I am asked what is my salary expectations I wont give an answer because I may lose the job if I say a funny figure!

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