How To Choose The Right Niche For Your Blog

Recently, I got a mail from a reader who was asking for advice on choosing a niche.
A lot of people creating blogs today have little or no idea what to blog about. So I decided to make this post to help the sender and others too.

The question here is how to find a niche for your blog.

First of all, you have to note four things in no particular order:
1. Traffic
2. Readers
3. Competition
4. Passion

1. Traffic:
You have to be sure that whatever you write about has enough traffic to be worthwhile.
Why writing posts when there is no one searching about it?
If you have no idea how to get keywords to write on, simply search for various keyword generators online and get ideas from there.

2. Readers:
Not just any reader but loyal readers. Writing posts that are searched for is one thing, writing posts that people read, comment on, share and come back for the next post is another thing.
Be creative in making posts. Don't just write like you are writing to an employer, write like you are sitting with a close friend and having a lighthearted conversation!
Even if you are writing about a tutorial, make it simple and engaging. Don't put it like an essay in an English exam. Give personal example where necessary and be funny if need be.

3. Competition:
This is very important and easy to get. At this point there must be a particular niche you have in mind already. Either entertainment, health, diet, fashion whatever. Simply look at other people in the same field and check out how they roll.
Check their popular posts, traffic source, subscribers, loyal readers etc. Make sure you note some of their strong keywords and how they make the posts.
After your little survey, you should see some of their flaws/weaknesses. Those flaws are what you should work on to build your own work. For example, their readers do not drop comments after reading because the posts are not engaging! Good, start making your own posts engaging (will drop tips on creating engaging posts later).
Whatever flaw you find, be sure to use it to your advantage.

4. Passion:
Whatever you pick as your niche, make sure you love it like crazy! If you don't, you will fall out faster than you fell in.
Writing posts can be boring even on topics you really like. So imagine spending hours of each day working on and thinking about a topic you don’t care about? Trust me, I know what it is like.

If at this point you still haven't figured out what your niche should be, then I am afraid you may likely not be ready to run a blog.
Try working with other blogs just to get the experience. From there you can see what others do and how they do it.
After a while, you should be ready to have yours.

So what do you think?


  1. Exactly my point. Good one

  2. The information here is powerful and educating. Most Nigerian newbie bloggers think blogging is all about news, gossips and entertainment. Thanks for the info.


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