How To Make Engaging Posts

Ever wondered why you keep making interesting or educating posts, notice people reading it and no one dropping a comment or even sharing it?

Here is why.

You don't make your post engaging!

I do spend time online reading blog posts and most times I wonder if the writer was been chased by someone or something while making the post!
The post may have a great point but it lacks communication!
It simply make the reader light towards the topic. They see the post as too formal and may not want to say anything because they believe its a formal post which requires little or no reaction.

On the other hand, I have seen posts that are so captivating I had to bookmark the page just to come back and marvel at the work again!
Such posts gives readers a sense of communication and they will likely drop a comment because they feel heard and probably share to others they know will find it interesting.

So how do you make posts that can capture people's attention, make them drop comments, share and bring them back for more?

Its simple!

Just try some or all of the following:

1. Spend time picking captivating titles:

The title of your post is what advertises your article to readers. This is what gets people’s attention.
A good blog post title is as important as the post content!
If the post title is captivating it will surely encourage people to read on even if your introduction is a mess.
This is how you can write your post title:
- Try asking a question eg "When will the Chibok girls return?"
- Try raising an argument eg "Youths should spend time on social media and the internet"
- Try addressing an issue eg "BokoHaram and Nigerian Democracy: the way forward"
- Try being specific eg "how to eat soup without messing yourself" instead of "how to eat soup"
- Try to be captivating eg "Top 10 ways to stay out of trouble"
Titles with "Top 5, 10, 15 etc" and "How to" are captivating and can encourage reactions.

2. Leave a suspense:
Don't fully exhaust your topic in one post unless you have to.
Break it into parts and drop them at intervals.
Leave your readers in suspense by making them come back to check for the next promised post.
For example, I mentioned writing this particular post in a previous related post. So people who read the previous post and wanted to read this one I had promised to drop will keep coming back to look for the promised post!

3. Try adding references:
Even wikipedia which is the top online encyclopedia always reference its sources!
If you get a statement in your post from somewhere, try adding the source.
Its different if you just picked the idea and expanded it in your own words (making it yours) than picking the whole thing the way it is and dumping it in your post without giving credit!

4. Be inspired by competitors in your niche:
Take a look at how other people in your niche have done it.
Spend some time looking at the most successful posts in their blog and find out how they made it, why people liked it so much, commented and shared it.
Build on their strength and weaknesses and just make yours better.

5. Ask for help when necessary:
When making a post and you get stuck, ask for help from other bloggers that can be of help. This is why having other good bloggers (in your niche) as friends is cool.
Don't be shy to ask them for help, I am sure they will want to help the way they can because they have been that way before.

6. Consider guest posting:
One trick I and many other good bloggers use is guest posting.
It involves making a post and giving it to a top blogger (probably in your niche) to post on their blog and mention your own blog in the post. By so doing, anyone who read the post on their blog will see your link and may click it if they consider your post interesting.
The good thing about guest posting is that it gives you traffic and also correct how you make posts.
For example, when you create a post and send to other blog owners, they don't just post it the way you gave them. They read, proofread and reread just to correct errors, improve points etc. When you go back after they publish the post, you will notice the changes they have done to it. Pick those corrections and use them as your guide for the next post.

7. Spice up your posts:
When making a post, add images. It not only spice up the post but also makes reading it fun and clear.
Adding a video or audio is something else you can consider especially when giving a tutorial.

At the end of the post, you can ask readers what they think about the post, or simply about their opinion about it. Just drop something creative that will provoke them to say something and at the same time not sounding harsh.

Lastly, know your readers:
Its good you know where your readers are coming from, what they like and want to share.
If you know your audience, making an engaging post will not be a problem.
For example, if my audience are largely Chinese, you don't expect most of my posts to be something like "BokoHaram and Nigerian Army" or "Removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria"
The post may be interesting but my audience may not be interested because it doesn't concern them. They may read it but may not drop comments. Some may not want to be rude to a nation and may just keep their opinions.
But if I make a post about "China's ever growing population: what next?" Or "the economy in China and its effects on other nations"
Surely, there must be reactions from my audience because this concerns them.

With all that said I think the above can teach you one or two things that you need to note to make an engaging post.
Try any or all of the above and watch the reactions your readers give.
What do you think?


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