How To Stand And Keep Moving When Life Knocks You Down

Have you ever found yourself in a state where everything seems perfect and the future looks so bright only to get to a point in your life journey and see all your hopes dashed?
There comes a time in life when you encounter difficult life situations. Tough times take different forms for different people. It may come in the form of things not working in your life, like trying over and over and not getting your desired result. To others it may be a major loss, such as loss in business, loss of loved ones etc, terminal illness, getting dumped by a long term partner, lack of progress in one’s career, defeat, disappointments, sudden shock and so on.

The truth is that life has no sieve through which it allows some people to experience adversity and allow others to have a smooth ride. Tough time is the lot of everybody.
Charles Gordon the author of when the going gets tough, the tough get creative once said

“We experience tough times not because we are evil, but because it is part of life.”

The world is a tough place to be, and everyone within his/her scope of existence is destined to have his own share of life difficulty.

That tough times will come is not an issue that can be bargained, your concern should be how to stand and keep moving when life knocks you down.
When life knocks you down and it seems there is no hope for the future, try some of these suggestions, I am persuaded they will help you gain clarity, have new vision, and obtain fresh energy for your next move:

1. Put the past behind you:

When life knocks you down, as a rational thinker, you will definitely be interested in knowing the cause of your misfortune. Sometimes it may be as a result of your own carelessness and most often someone else maybe responsible. No matter who and what is responsible for the problem, choose not to blame anybody and accept total responsibility for the incident, because if you observe the cause of your fall carefully, you will find out you are responsible. Learn from the overall situation and choose to move on with your life. WHEN LIFE KNOCKS YOU DOWN, YOUR BACK WILL REMAIN ON THE GROUND FOR AS LONG AS YOU KEEP BLAMING OTHERS FOR THE CAUSE OF YOUR PROBLEM, AND KEEP PITYING YOURSELF. Stop blaming anybody, do not regret, only learn what life has to taught you through the adversity and make up your mind to move on. The moment you accept that external forces of any kind are responsible for your outcome, you have lost the sacred power given to you by your creator via which you can create your destiny. It is not what happens to you that determines your destiny but how you react to it. Oliver Wandel Holmes put it better when he says. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

2. Accept that you can still make it:

Sometimes when life knocks you down, it may as well knock out all the hope in you. Imagine a situation where you have put in your best resources both mental and physical into a project, with a wild hope of success, only to encounter failure. Such a scenario may leave you totally devastated, and make you hopeless of any chance of ever succeeding again. The truth is that you can still make it. Every successful individual encounters failure at one point or the other in their life journey, but through hope, determination and perseverance, they keep trying until they overcome. It may seem as if you have lost all the courage you need to act, but that’s not true. The truth is that you still have a blazing furnace of courage within your soul to take massive determined action which will help you get your desired result. Refuse to allow your circumstances to keep you down, choose to make your life count. If others has done it before you too can. Never give up.

3. Stop the habit of comparing yourself with others:

One thing you can do to help yourself when life knocks down is to quit the habit of comparing yourself with someone else. Most often we are fond of seeing only the things that are not working in our lives by focusing on the things that seem working in other people’s life, thereby making us seeing our own situation as pathetic. Comparing the unpleasant aspect of your life with the good things in other people’s life will be of no help at all. Doing so promotes self-pity, and negativity which may consequently keep you long in the valley. Robert Elias Najemy, the author of universal philosophy said “as long as we measure our worth in terms of what we do, and even worse in terms of what we do in comparison with what others do, we will continuously oscillate between the feeling of pride that we are better or guilt that we are worse than others.” The truth is that life is a personal race and the journey is unique for everybody. You are not in this world to live up to anybody’s standard of success. You are born to become the best you can ever be in line will the amount of potential life has bestowed on you. One of your tasks in life is to define what success is to you and not what it is to the society. In as much as you know where you are heading, and you are progressing gradually in that direction even at a snail speed, you are not doing badly. With time and perseverance you will get there. Life is not a competition, some will go head of you, others will come after you. You will overtake some and some will overtake you. Eventually when the time is right, you will get where you are supposed to be.

4. Desist from being too concerned of what people say or think about you:

One of the greatest evil you can ever do to yourself is to allow yourself to be obsessed about what people think or say about you. Being knocked down by life is not fun. If you have been successful and now experience a serious setback, it is certain that some people will laugh at you and be watching how you are going to get out of the mess. Rising to overcome adversity requires a lot of courage. You may have to start all over again and go back to things that are too shameful for a person of your past achievement. If you are concerned about what people will say, you will never get out of the mess. Sometimes when I consider the attempt of man to live up to his fellow man’s expectation, all I see is futility. IT TAKES A MAD MAN TO BREAK THE SHACKLES OF ADVERSITY IN A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE THINK THEY KNOW BETTER OF HOW YOU SHOULD LIVE YOUR LIFE. Many people will neither believe in your idea, nor in you but like my friend always say, “move ahead no matter what people say.” Rob Zombie said “ the funny thing is, I’m so used to not caring what anyone says, good or bad, that unfortunately even when people say good things…….. I wish it make me feel good, but it doesn’t.” I think we all need to adopt the mentality of Rob Zombie in this area of our life.

5. Redefine your goals:

A popular African proverb says, “when a young person falls, he looks at the front, but when an adult falls, he looks at the back.” Being knocked down by life will definitely bring you to a state of rest at least temporarily. When life knocks you down, one of the things you need to do is to reflect on your life so far and your entire life goals. If you don’t know the past, there is no way you can understand the present and make proper plan for the future. Take note of all your mistakes and document critical life lessons that you have learned from your journey. It is not the time to sit down and start blaming people and pitying yourself. You have to sit and think of the kind of life you want for yourself. Put the past behind you completely and decide your next move by redefining your goals. This will enhance your hope and courage for a new move.

6. Make better plans:

Sometimes we screw up in life as a result of making wrong decisions. You have failed, and learned from your mistakes through the evaluation of your journey so far. Now you have to make better plans on how to get your goals achieved. Do not live anything to chance. You can no more continue on the part that leads to destruction. Like Albert Einstein says, “it is insanity to keep doing things in a particular way and expect a different result.” Making better plan is critical to rising, moving and getting to your desired destination when life knocks you down. You have to consider all the possible options available to reach your goal, and select the ones that will help you to reach your goal faster. If you fail to plan, then you have planned to fail.

7. Start acting immediately:

Virtually everybody knows what to do, but the place of action is where many people fail. NO AMOUNT OF PLANNING CAN GUARANTEE YOU YOUR DESIRED RESULT IF YOU DON’T TAKE ACTION. As soon as you have decided what to do to keep moving, you must start taking the necessary step immediately. Never allow the law of diminishing intent to get hold of you before you start acting.
One thing you should always have in mind is that there is no such thing as overnight success. You will need to act consistently and persevere until you succeed.

The amazing words written by Og Madino in scroll marked III of his book, the greatest salesman in the world will never cease to inspire me, and I think you too will find it motivating and inspiring.

He wrote “…………I will persist until I succeed. The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal. Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. Never will I know how close it lies unless I turn the corner. Always will I take another step, and yet another, in truth one step at a time is not too difficult. I will persist until I succeed.
Henceforth I will consider each day’s effort as but one blow against the mighty oak. The first blow may cause not a tremor in the wood, nor the second, nor the third. Each blow, of itself may seem of no consequence. Yet from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble. So will be with my efforts of today…………”

With patience and perseverance you will achieve your goals in the fullness of time.
Never give up when life knocks you down.

All you need is keep to moving, and you will get there.

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