Importance Of Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is usually the first and most important meal of the day which is taken in the morning before the full activities of the day. This meal is usually light to keep the body light and in good shape.
Breakfast means eating in the early morning before the normal activities for the day.

Breakfast is meant to be taken between 7am and 10am and should be made up of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fruits and Veggies or simply Beverages.

It is healthy and adviseable to take your breakfast before engaging fully in the day's activities. But most people don’t like eating in the morning maybe because they are not hungry, watching their weight or simply didn't see the need to.
Whatever the case, taking breakfast is necessary even though it has to be a glass of milk.

The importance of Breakfast include:

1. It keeps us physically fit
2. It is healthy
3. It aids metabolism
4. It keeps our weight in check because our appetite won't be high during lunch
5. It increases our concentration with less thoughts on food
6. It replenishes body energy

It is important to note that skipping breakfast may not be cool for your health and appetite. You may be forced to eat more at lunch so why skip it?
Unless you have good reasons not to eat breakfast, I suggest you drink one or two glasses of water before starting the day!

So tell me, are you a "breakfast skipper" or "breakfast taker"


  1. Some people really don't know about the importance of breakfast. And that's why I am sharing this.

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