How To Browse Unlimited With Glo, Airtel And MTN Bis For Android/Pc Using Psiphon Handler/Simple Server

today Glo free browsing for the month of July 2016 has been discovered, you can now enjoy unlimited free browsing and downloading on your Glo sim.

 This browsing tweaks works on all android phones using Psiphon Apk Handler, i will provide link to download the psiphon app for android below.

-Glo Sim with N0.00
-Android Phone with full 3G/H+ network coverage
-Psiphon apk for android, >>Download Psiphon Here <<

Steps to browse free with Glo sim.


1.Launch your Psiphon handler and go to Handler Menu.

2.Locate and change Proxy type to Real Host.


3.Change Proxy Server to 


4.tick tunnel whole device

5.Locate and click more options, and tick connect through an http proxy, followed by ticking "use system settings". Then go back to connect by clicking the start button .

For Airtel 0.00 Unlimited Free Browsing With Psiphon, Netify Etc

=> You must have 0.00 naira on your airtel line
=> You must not be on any active data plan
=> Clear your Psiphon or any other vpn data and cache

Leave your phone APN to the default settings.

Download Psiphon pro lite, Pronet or Netify VPN (anyone can work)
Configure it as follows:

Real host as proxy type....

Proxy server:

Real proxy type: default

Click save

Choose USA as location

Then go to more options and untick connect via http

Finally go back to the app menu and start the VPN. It should connect within 20 seconds.

For Android subscription on MTN, simply download Psiphon Handler and set it up as follows:
Proxy server-
Click save, turn on tunnel in whole device mode, then open more options and click as shown in the Image

Next, set the proxy address as and port as 8080.
Then, Subscribe for any BB10 subscription (daily #70, weekly #350, monthly #1000) and enjoy unlimited browsing!
Ignore any message saying you have used up your data And Keep surfing!

For Pc,

after connecting ur modem go to the modem settings and create new APN and configure like this.
proxy :web
username :web

Then open any browser on your system and configure its proxy like this

Proxy :
Port: 8080

tick "use this proxy server for all protocols".

Launch the simple server and start browsing!

Download simple server here

If you have been looking for a way to share it with other phone or pc users and I stumbled on how to share my Psiphon data through WiFi hotspot tethering with other devices.

Here is how I did it:

1. First of all, Switch on the hotspot and data on the first phone where you have configured your VPN free browsing cheat, for example; the mtn music+ or Etisalat 0.0k.
2. Now switch on the WiFi on the phone that you want to share the data with and then connect it.
3. When the connection is established, long press the hotspot you connected with.
4. Now tap on modify network
5. Click the advance options
6. Tap on proxy then select manual
7. Now input the same http setting used in your phisphon or any other VPN app you are using on the phone you want to share internet data from
8. Finally, launch the psiphon on d second phone and input all the handler settings and http settings and connect.
Check the two phones, you have successfully shared Psiphon with other phone through hotspot.

I hope it works for you.


  1. Very informative.... tanx

  2. What about simple server settings...

    1. I will update you with the settings soon, but I think you should try psiphon settings too, Thank for dropping by,don't forget to share the post.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Would really appreciate if you drop the simple android server settings. Psiphon app lags.


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