Tips On Choosing A Domain Name

Your domain name is very important and that's why you need to be creative when picking one.
Your domain name is how people first encounter your blog so It really needs to stand out.

Someone asked about how to choose a domain name that can make you stand out and also get your blog noticed!
That's why I thought of putting up this post.

First of all, why do you need your own domain?

Free domains (like, .WordPress.Com, .Web.Com etc) do not rank too well on search engines and you are only building the brand of that free blog instead of working on your own.
Getting your own domain name is the first step to building a successful blog that you will fully control.
After telling yourself why you need to get your own domain name, you can start thinking of how to choose the best Domain name.

Choosing a domain name is a really important process that should take a lot of consideration.
Here are some things you should have in mind when choosing a domain name:

- Choose your brand/niche:
Owning a site or blogging is all about building a good brand even if you are writing about yourself. . Your primary aim aside making money is to be known, and you can't be known when you don't have a brand or niche (check previous post on how to choose a niche).

- Let your niche inspire your domain name:
After picking a niche, you may consider explaining it in your domain name.
For example, if you are blogging about music, you can try, etc.
Don't pick a name far from your niche! Like for a news blog, or for a diet blog!

- Use a keyword name:
Try picking names that are keywords on their own.
For example if your site talks about music then you can consider
If your choice is not available, you can try something else.

- Name it after yourself:
When you have searched for a name to no avail. Try using your own name.
A really good idea these days is to name your blog after your own name. This is a fantastic idea if you want to position yourself as an expert in the field and grow your own personal brand.

- Be clever not complex:
Most times I see a domain name and wonder if the owner was watching a movie when he chose the name.
Some domain names are so complex, memorizing it is war. This is bad because YOU may discourage people from coming back to your site.
Don't make your domain name a maths formula or an English essay! Be simple and direct.
Memorable domain names are cool and so you need to settle down and pick one so you don't end up changing it later.

Remember, it's a domain name not a password!

- Pick a suitable extension:
This is very important because it helps define your site.
For instance when you see, you already know it's a TV station or program.
Giving your domain name a wrong extension is not cool. Imagine visiting only to realize it is not a UK based site.
It can be misleading and discouraging because people will feel you are standing on deceit! And it can spell doom for your brand!

Now, do you think you are ready to pick a domain name for your website/blog?


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