Wedding Cakes Or Wedding Cupcakes?

All my life, I have been attending weddings where normal wedding cakes are usually served until last Saturday.
For years, the wedding cake has been a normal part of a wedding. But today, a lot of people have brought in different ideas which are cool since there is no right or wrong way to any part of a wedding!
Nowadays, couples are basing their wedding decisions more on their personal likes and dislikes rather than what their parents, siblings, society or friends want. Some couples have clear ideas about what they should do normally and what they should do personally, while some do not.
This brings the question, should one serve a normal wedding cake or go with wedding cupcakes?

Last Saturday, I attended a wedding (which I wasn't invited) and I marveled at the cake placed on a table in front of the hall.
At first I thought it was a normal cake, until the couple got up to cut the cake and I almost froze!
I picked up my phone and headed to the front pretending to take a picture of the couple. I took a long close look at the cake and went back to my seat amazed.
The Baker had arranged a small normal cake and lots of cupcakes. The couple had cut the normal cake for the feeding and the cupcakes were served round the hall! Trust me, everyone got a cupcake!
I got home after the wedding and started pondering over it. The idea of cupcakes replacing an actual wedding cake refused to leave my head.

First, I thought about the cost and how it can save you money.
Cupcakes are affordable yet delicious. Instead of paying the usual huge amount for a 3step (or more) cake, one can simply order for affordable cupcakes that can be served to guests.

Combining the two is not a bad idea either.
I thought to myself, instead of choosing between a normal cake and cupcakes, why not be unique and have both?
A cupcake tower with a cake at the very top makes for a nice display as does a large multi-tiered cake surrounded by cupcakes.

You can simply purchase a cake that feeds a small amount of people, then order cupcakes which are much more affordable to serve to guests once the normal cake has been served.

Who knows, having both types of cakes may end up pleasing your family, society and friends!

So here are some reasons why I feel wedding cupcakes are awesome!

1. Cupcakes are generally more affordable than a normal wedding cake.
2. Various cupcake flavours and frostings give guests more options.
3. You can make your own cupcakes if you choose to.
4. While cupcakes are perceived to be casual, serving it is very trendy.
5. It sets you out as unique.
6. It adds colour to your wedding.
7. You don't need to cut the it into sizeable slices for guests like the normal one.
8. It is easy to handle.
9. And so on!
I know there are many other reasons but I could only think of these!

Ohhhh, I just thought of something!
I will serve cupcakes in my next Birthday!
Hmmmmmmm. Sounds like something I would love to try!

So which do you prefer, normal wedding cakes or wedding cupcakes?
And why?


  1. Wow. I haven't seen Peace anywhere around this post!

  2. For me, I prefer the usual wedding cake.
    I don't like doing things that may draw attention.

  3. For me, I prefer the usual wedding cake.
    I don't like doing things that may draw attention.

    1. Hmmmmm. So cupcakes will draw attention?

  4. Cupcakes look nice.. Will try it for my birthday too.

  5. Cupcakes pls, it's over affordable!
    Will just estimate the number of guests and add some extra pieces just in case.

  6. Cool. Serving cupcakes will really be great

  7. I will go with the traditional wedding cake. Not ready for anything different.


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