Top Seven Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Blog Traffic

Let's say you want to increase your blog traffic, you make posts, share, advertise etc and watch your traffic increase.


Assuming you want to decrease your traffic, you make some little mistakes and you watch your traffic dwindle.

There are certain mistakes you must avoid to have increasing traffic.
If you commit some or all of. these mistakes, your traffic may never gain momentum.
Worse, it may plateau or begin to decrease!

You know experience is the best teacher; so my experience has a lot to teach you.
I have made most of these mistakes and the result wasn't good so I am letting you know so you won't repeat it.

So, here are top 7 mistakes I know that can bring down your traffic.

1: You don’t post often:
Except you are just blogging for search engines, you need to post often.
Dropping 2-3 posts a month may only be good if you rely solely on search engines.
If you need loyal readers, you need to post more often.
Imagine a reader coming to your blog and notice the last post is almost a month! Such reader may feel the blog is abandoned and may not bother to come back.

You cannot build a solid traffic without frequent posts because there is a direct correlation between frequency and traffic.

2: You don't post enough:
I have come across posts that have a good point but not clearly elaborated.
For example, someone making a post about "how to assembly a car" simply tells you everything you need to assembly a car and suddenly ends the post!
That is a sketchy post because the writer didn't talk about the procedures involved in assembling the car so readers are lost and this may not be encouraging.

3. You post too much:
This is of two kind-
Publishing too much posts at short intervals
Publishing very looooooooong posts at once.
If you want to post often, its good. But if you start over posting, then you may have problem with your subscribers who may feel you are filling their email (except you don't have subscribers).
Unless you are into entertainment or news posting where you have to make a post of everything happening around.

Posting very long articles can be boring to your readers!
If you have a long article to share, simply break it into parts and post them at intervals.
Unless you are posting for adsense approval, try not to make one post more than 3000words.

4.  Your posts aren't engaging:
I have written a lot about creating engaging posts, so go to previous posts and read up.
To make posts encouraging, you have to call your readers to action. Simply ask them a question at the end of the post which they have to comment on, ask them their opinion, ask them to also share or like the post.
You don’t participate in the conversation:
Unless you are a ghost writer, you are supposed to reply to comments, it makes readers know that someone is listening to them and not a computer creating and dropping posts for viewers.
 When you don’t participate in your readers conversation by replying their comments, you are like someone who invited people for his party and disappeared after they showed up.
This behavior would be perceived as rude or odd. The same is true in blogging. People want to have a conversation with you the author of the post they just read.

5. You don’t create catchy titles:
I have mentioned how to make standout headlines in a previous post so just go through it.
On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your post title first, but only 2 out of 10 will read the whole post.”
This means your post titles are the most important thing you write. If they aren't captivating, I dunno. But if they are, its cool.

6. Your post introduction is poor:
After readers are captivated by the post title, they concentrate on the introduction.
If you make a mess of your introduction, readers may give up reading further so work on your introduction.

7.  Your post is off-brand:
Off-brand in the sense that you always post things that are not related to your niche like a fashion a lot of people may be guilty of that. Going off is allowed but not completely off! You should atleast make a post relating to the niche. Like a fashion blogger who wants to write a nation news can relate it to how it may affect fashion and all that.

That's all I can think of now.

What other traffic-killers have you witnessed as a blogger?


  1. True. Posting once in a while can b accepted if you post long and meaningful stuff...

  2. nice one.... actually am making use of sevida template same as urs, but my lastest post is ony showing two posts. how can i increase the number of post snippet to be displayed. here is my blog will actually be waiting for ur reply..

    1. Go to your settings, click posts and comments and select the number of posts to appear on your home page.


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