Amazing Reasons Why You Should Argue

I mean, who wouldn't want to argue when it involves showing how smart you are? Or just trying to get people accept your views?
Personally, I dislike arguing because I see it as a waste of time. But after I read the benefits of arguing, I go out on my own to search for someone to argue with!

Arguments are part of life, we are bound to be engaged in a verbal brawl at least once. The circumstances leading up to an arguments varies.The results of argument also varies. You can get beaten up after an argument, you can have a serious fight with your partner after an argument, you can also have this fulfilled "put them in their place" feeling after an argument.

Well, it may sound strange to you but there are actually benefits of one engaging in an argument!
I don't really mean a baseless argument, but a healthy one.
Arguing benefits our mental health, specifically the health benefits of arguing are more applicable to interpersonal relationships and that is why it is advisable to argue once in a while.

Well, let me mention the type of arguments that are beneficial so you don't go looking for pointless reasons to argue over nothing:
- Arguments that involves you speaking something that is eating out your conscience.
- Arguments that involves you voicing out your beliefs and convictions.
- Arguments that will you will dream about, if you avoid them.
- Intelligent academic arguments.
are all beneficial arguments unlike arguments that you have 60% chance of you getting beaten or abused and arguments that you are not sure of what to speak about.

So here are some benefits of arguing that I found out recently:

1. Arguing reduces cortisol level in our body: Cortisol is a hormone in the body, a stress hormone. Cortisol , when released would increase blood sugar and stress levels. So engaging in argument will decrease the cortisol level.

2. Arguing improves our mood: How do you feel after you just avoided an argument that you could have used to let out your mind? I bet you felt heavy! But on the contrary if you engaged in the argument and voiced out all your thoughts you may feel much better.
According to a study, couples who avoided verbal confrontations lived shorter lives compared to those who let it out. I think this study is right. If you keep bottling up all your problems from your loved one, you may hardly be in a bright mood because you will always find yourself sulking!

Couples who argue love each other more and are more intimate. Avoiding argument will lead to aches, pain and lingering emotions.

3. Arguing enhances our mental health: Engaging in academic or intelligent arguments will increase your brain power. You are indirectly exercising your brain. Thinking of something and voicing it out fast.

So what do you think about arguing?


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