What You Should Know About Waist Shaping

A lot of ladies today involve themselves in waist shaping without checking to see its effects.

Waist shaping is simply a practice of wearing girdles, corsets, body shapers etc for minutes, hours or all day just to change the shape one's waist!
It can also be worn underneath clothes to enhance one's shape.
Most people who make use of these are those who can't undergo exercises to help keep their body in shape.

Incase you don't know, here is how it works:
Waist shapers work by slowly deforming the bones and displacing some of the organs in the body just to trim your waist and give you a "curvy" look.
While some people give up before they even achieve any results, the others just don’t know when to stop using it.
Many health professionals say this practice is not healthy, and certainly is not a weight loss technique. But some adherents of waist shaping claim that the tightness of the waist shaper makes you sweat a lot hence, leading to weight loss around the waist region and body in general.
Studies clearly show that it's really not possible to sweat so much that you shave inches off your waist in any permanent way.

So, before deciding whether to use a waist shaper or not, simply read this carefully:

1. You don’t lose any weight by using it-
If you think wearing a waist shaper all day will help you lose weight; think again!
Experts have said that those who solely use waist shapers without exercise don’t lose weight!
Your organs are simply pushed around into different areas. So, the result is simply the displacement of your vital organs to look slimmer and this can result to lots of health complications.
These things could displace internal organs and cause pulmonary disease and occasionally lead to miscarriages!

2. You are forced to eat less – Since waist shapers press down your waist making you feel full, you will have less urge to eat well.  Many women who wear them tend to eat less, sometimes that “less” means less vital fruits & veggies and we all need our vegetables and fruits in order to be healthy.

3. You lose strength-
You wear a tight stuff around your waist all day, pressing your organs and making you restless and expect to be okay?
Research shows that "Corset diseases" such as fainting, hemorrhoids, coughing, and palpitations continually plague many women who wear waist shapers.

4. Excessive sweating-
The tightness of these waist shapers could lead to incessant sweating which can lead to body odour if not taken care of properly.
Having a waist trainer on you all day gives room for sweat to pour out because your sweat pores are under pressure.

There are lots of side effects attached to the use of waist shapers but the above are the most important things to know when deciding whether or not to use a waist shaper.

If you really need to burn those fat around your waist, the right way remains eating healthy, exercising and being active on a regular basis, so, avoid this trend of waist shapers as the negative effects on your health are not worth it.

What do you think?


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    The sellers always say it is safe! They never mentioned this!

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    1. They would never tell you. If they do, it's bad market for them.

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