An Act Nigerians Should Treasure

In any period of change, there is always tension. There was tension among different ethnic groups in Nigeria and the tension rested on the 2015 presidential election between the ruling party (PDP) and the opposition party (APC).
The tension was so high that Nigerians felt we will come to an end after the election but the situation ended ironically.
The APC candidate (GMB) who is a Northerner had many supporters more than his Christian counterpart (GEJ) the PDP candidate who was the ruling President then.

Since politics is a game of number; a lot of people expected GMB to win because he has more people backing him up. On the other hand, people wondered whether the executive president who is still in his first tenure and his supporters would peacefully accept defeat!
 Its obvious that a free and fair election is not a guarantee to non-violence after an election; it takes maturity, discipline  and fear of God to walk out peacefully from a position that should necessarily be yours!
The prophecy made by the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, was not even a problem to him. An average person would expect him to react to such but he was still calm knowing that whatever the election brings, he would accept it.

It was ironical that the two principal actors of the election demonstrated their strong desire for a peaceful poll by signing a peace pact TWICE before the election. This wasn't what the people expected but it was happening.
After the casting and collection of votes, Nigeria stood still as the presidential result was to be announced.
GMB won the election by securing two-third of the total votes cast by Nigerians and becoming the first Nigerian president to unseat a sitting president after an election.
Some people expected groups (probably the Niger Delta Militants) to rise up and begin a war against the election result but there was no such thing.
Surprisingly, all was calm and people who fled away from the north for fear of an uprising started moving back after GEJ gave a congratulatory speech to his opponent who had won the election.  As if that wasn't enough, he promised to hand over the government peacefully to the new president-elect on democracy day and confirming that the election was free and fair!
I watched him on the media giving the speech and I felt like reaching out to him and hugging him!

His simple act made even the USA marvel at the 2015 election held in Nigeria. It also saved the lives of many Nigerians and their properties! Not to mention creating a friendly coexistence between the defeated and the winner.
I can't say what would become of Nigeria if he did not accept defeat! That is to say that it is not everything that is worth fighting for.
I think President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's act of accepting defeat should be an act we all should live to treasure!

What do you think?


  1. I think he should be given a medal...

  2. I think he should be given a medal...

  3. Goodluck Jonathan is my mentor!

  4. Lol. That prophecy by Fr. Mbaka was something


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