How To Handle Bad Breath

Almost everyday you go out to meet people; you tend to meet someone who you don't feel comfortable talking to. It may not be because he or she doesn't know how to talk, it's just because the air around their speech is something else.
Research shows that more than 80 million people suffer from bad breath also called halitosis. This can be very embarrassing, can ruin relationships and maybe friendships. My friend usually defends herself by saying that having bad breath allows you win arguments because no one will want to be drenched in your breath trying to point out something to you. According to Spielman, 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria, in most cases it originates from the gums and tongues. It is a common condition and there are numerous ways to handle it.

1. An empty stomach as a result of skipping meals can cause bad breath as acids in the stomach build up. So try to eat when you are supposed to; but if you need to skip meals try to take sufficient water to reduce the acid (except when you are fasting, you know thats an exception).
2. Try brushing your teeth at least twice a day especially before going to bed this is because almost everybody has nasty breath when they get out of bed in the morning. Brushing before going to bed reduces the odour by 60% so next time you are ready to jump into bed at night don't forget to take a quick brush; this is especially good for couples sleeping on the same bed.
3. Learn to rinse your mouth (with water) after each meal because it helps remove food debris left in your mouth or hanging between your teeth and this will reduce the growth of bacteria since there is little or nothing for them to feed on.
4. Drinking water will help keep odour under control because it helps wash away food particles and bacteria. Drink a sufficient amount of water (at least six to eight 8 glasses) daily to avoid dry mouth. If you have dry mouth, try sucking on a piece of sugarless candy or chew sugarless gum to stimulate saliva flow. The saliva will then help to wash away food debris and bacteria that can cause bad breath.
5. Quitting smoking and avoiding tobacco products will go a long way in helping you handle the bad breath. If you ever needed any reason to quit, here’s an easy one: smoking contributes to bad breath. Tobacco tends to dry out your mouth and can leave an unpleasant smell that lingers even after you brush your teeth.
6. Lastly, if you have tried a lot of things and nothing is working, please Visit Your Dentist.

Remember that the little care you show to your teeth and tongue today will help you and many others around you!

A lot of people can't stay with someone with a bad breath for too long so help yourself and safe yourself the embarrassment of having people run away from you because of your breath.


  1. Bad breath is terrible I tell u

  2. To me bad breath is a disease. Get treated now!

  3. Seriously, I can't stand people with that.

  4. The suggestions here are cool for people suffering from bad breath. Thanks for this post.


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