Seven Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

Hey everyone!
I was just talking to someone about self-esteem and I thought to myself, maybe I should share it so everyone can also learn something!

Self-esteem reflects a person's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth.
It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self.

Well, here are seven ways to improve self-esteem. I must confess I really love each of them!

1. It’s important to spend some time identifying negative attitudes and thoughts that might really be pulling you down.
Well, the truth is people suck from time to time but always telling yourself that you suck will really affect you physically.

So what I do and also advice others to do is to get a piece of paper and draw two lines in the middle of it. On one side, write five “strengths” on the other five “weaknesses” and lastly write five "threats" on the other side; this list will remind you what you don’t suck at, what you need to improve and your worst fear.
Remember to give yourself time to change anything that you do not like about yourself.

2. Unrealistic expectations kill self- esteem.
Sometimes our expectations are so big it clearly scream "UNREALISTIC" Sometimes our expectations are much smaller, but still unrealistic, too. Its good you try to set yourself realistic targets.
For example, in a short time now, I will love to own a computer school! Now that's a realistic expectation because I am already saving towards it.
But when I say that I want to build a 5-star hotel, a filling station, a plaza and run the biggest shopping mall next year! Of course you know this is an unrealistic expectation because I don't think I can do all that without winning a lottery soon!

3. Perfection is not achievable.
Really, its not! Let go of perfection! You’re probably never going to get the perfect body, life, relationship or spouse. Instead acknowledge your accomplishments as you achieve them, no matter how small, and move on to another.

4. Encourage yourself to engage in “self-exploration”. Open yourself up to new opportunities, thoughts, friendships or perspectives. And always try to learn new things.

5. Self-esteem doesn’t work if it’s based upon an old version of you that no longer exists.
Adjust your self-image and self- esteem to match your current abilities and skills, not those of your past.

6. Nothing can hurt self-esteem more than comparing ourselves to others. Comparisons to other people’s lives is not fair because you probably know very little about how they got so prosperous, good looking or smiling always.
For instance, I have always envied my neighbour for her up to date wardrobe, makeup kit and hairstyles! But I became contented with myself when I realized how she was able to do that.
So next time you are green with envy over someone's achievement; check again and find out how they did it.
But a tip I always remind myself is; instead of staring and wishing I was like that person I was envying, I will just do things myself that will also make people (including that person) turn green with envy!

7. Love yourself and people around you. Now that's the greatest commandment but it can also go a long way to boost your self-esteem!

Try it, its fun!!

What is your own idea of improving self esteem?


  1. Woah. I really need this.

  2. I must confess that I am the shyest person you can meet. But reading this made me rethink. Thanks!

  3. I've read so many self esteem improvement tips but non of them can match this. Its of great help thanx.


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