Why Girls Lie More In A Relationship

I have always asked myself this question; who lie more in a relationship?

Observing different relationships and people's reactions tempted mw to conclude that girls lie more in a relationship!

Wait! Relax! Chill!
I am saying my opinion judging from what I have been observing lately.
Don't worry, you will get to say your mind in the comment box so save the opposition.

This is not a general conclusion but a personal observatio.
So, here is why I said girls lie more in a relationship:

1. First of all, I noticed Ladies keep a lot of secrets and that is why they tend to tell more lies!
They don't want to start telling you about a particular thing so they find a way to switch the whole thing by saying something else!
A girl could have another date aside you; but she knows if you find out she has it won't be pretty. So she would always try to play along and not let you suspect anything.
Even when you begin to suspect; she is not far with some lies she can use to turn your assumptions around!

2. They stay longer on social media and this gives room for more lies!
An average female social media user can check her phone twice the number of times an average male user checks his!
They are either accepting/sending friend request, replying a message or a comment!
They get more attention from the guys than the other way round so it is easy to make new friends who would want to chat with them.
Usually, when chatting with these interested guys two things are involved:
Either she reply honestly
Or she reply a little honestly with some lies to go with it.
Studies show that 60 percent of the girls go with the second option!
This habit grows and may tend to expand into the relationship!
Okay, check this out.
Out of the 60 percent who lie, 40 percent will always claim they are single!
When such guys start making advances and she accepts, she starts looking for a way to keep the other guy in the dark!

3. Some of them lie with their physical appearance!
I know a girl who has not appeared before her date without her makeup on!
Since I knew them and they started hanging out, he can't say what she looks like without makeup! I just can't cease to imagine the look on his face when he would suddenly visit her home when she is yet to apply her makeup!
When asked why she can't face him without makeup, she would yell and ask you if you have seen the spots on her face? Or even the large pimples refusing to disappear!

Most girls are like that! They finish a can of concealer on their face while trying to hide the dark spots or pimples on their faces and end up deceiving him into thinking they have a spotless face!
Ask them to go out without makeup and watch yourself been nailed to a tree!

4. They are always trying to avoid arguments or prolonged questioning!
Simply put, some girls believe lying their way out may reduce the length of the argument!
It may work depending on who you are dealing with or it may only bring up new issues to make the already long argument longer!

How about when a girl goes out with someone she don't want to be seen with,  and tried not to mention it to anyone; she may think she has gotten away with it.
But when the other person gets to know and asks about the guy she went out with; she would simply say something else to cut an impending argument short.
Its only when a girl is in such a situation that she starts explaining her family tree to you!
She would tell you about a far relation and narrate the relationship then claim the guy comes from that side!

The unfair yet funny thing is that some guys know when they are been lied to so they either play along or let her know!

The only thing more important than love in a relationship is trust. So if you keep lying to him and allow the trust level to drop, you may not like the result.

So what's your own say?

Who do you think lies more in a relationship?


  1. GIRLS!!
    NO argument about that!

  2. Thank God you know.

  3. No two ways.
    Girls all the way

  4. Heheehehehehehehe.........gbaaaa m ukwu n'eze..,

    Dear you nailed the point

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  6. Before now, was thinking and always opposed people that believed that girls lie most in a relationship. But with this compounded list above. I think I have no option than to accept it.


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